Sunday, November 28, 2004

First posting...a deflowering of what is in my head right now? Yes, let's restrict to books... I have thousands of them, so where to start...start with what I'm currently reading may be... but I am a very untidy reader, what I mean is... I read many books and mags at the same time and in the end it takes a mighty long time to finish one...most times I start with one, pick another and leave the first, pick the third and leave half read the second and so on ...I read everywhere, in the toilet, in bed (alone, before and after sex), weekends, weekdays, on planes trains auutomobiles, in the middle of traffic jams, at red lights. The most recent book that I finished was last week ...on Jeffrey Dahmer the serial killer...not a terribly good book and I can't even remember the author now without going back and check the book which I'm too lazy to do... , and now I'm starting the memoir by his father Lionel Dahmer. And I'm also currently reading a biography of JD Salinger...another poor book by unknown author ... JD Salinger's Catcher in the Rye was one of my favorite books during my student days..., and a memoir by Martin here's is someone who can really write... it's like he's making love in words...and Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos....Ah...Vonnegut, one of my favorite American writers...reminds me of Mark Twain but Vonnegut's humour and wit is even better in my opinion!..And Adrian Mole the Capuchino years by Sue Townshend,...a light humurous book with gentle British sense of humour... and Satan In Goray by Isaac Basheevis Singer and "Heavy Water" a collection of short stories by Martin Amis....and The Travel of Ibn Jubyr ...a very interesting travelogue by one Moorish Muslim from Spain to Mecca in the fifteenth century...oh hey actually my last book that I completed was a few days back ...Imaginary girlfriend by John Irving... a memoir of sort... John Irving's books are always a page turner... always very intense...I always feel very tired reading his books...The World According to Garp, hotel New Hampshire, and all the rest...good while it last but...very ephimeral...just like eating candy floss...ah that reminds me... several weeks back I finished another american book... a thin satirical take on modern art by Tom Wolf called "the painted word"...and by the way there's something about Vonnegut in John Irving's Imaginary girlfriend... Hw used to go to Vonnegut's house and he considered Vonnegut as a mentor of sort...I went to Indianapolis once (the hometown of vonnegut) but I did not meet him of course... He's dead now...I think....

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