Wednesday, November 25, 2009


the love bug

one thing i noticed about the classified column in my favorite magazine the spectator is that all the people advertising for friendship and love are mostly in their fifties and without exception above 40. and to be fair, they are also looking for mates in their age group so i guess these are genuine loners looking for genuine relationship , long term or other wise.

and it also mirrors the demographic of the spectator readers who are of older age group or those younger ones with sufficiently mature brain cells to understand the spectator humor. and the love bug column where these old geezers are pining for their soul mates are a lot more fun to read than those in most other magazines or newspapers . not that i make a habit of reading these kinds of columns but sometimes you do find some surprises there.

take this lady for instance. this is what she wrote;

Stunning , extremely elegant city professional lady, 60. I have everything and yet nothing without someone to share with....

how on earth can a lady of 60 be stunning is quite beyond me. and i'm referring to physical beauty. elegant may be but stunning? in my book a girl of 18 or twenty can be stunning without trying, even if she doesn't wish to be so but try as you might once you're past say 45 sorry ladies.... try philosophy or something for happiness. physical beauty is for the young ones.

as expected men are much better at this kind of games. some of them are probably quite honest. one reads Unattractive, miserable old man, with no interest what so ever. Needs to meet desperate slimish , attractive lady 50+ who has an unrealistic expectation.

i expect he would he get an avaalanche of calls. and i like this one best
Tall, bald ugly dentist, would like to meet tall interesting , intelligent woman for dates and so on.
that just about correctly describes most dentists but that's life. not everybody is brad pitt. just a fact of life. but all the same i just wonder why do people need to go this far to find love and sex?

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