Saturday, August 28, 2010


a simple life

i have a friend who is an average middle class guy. like most of us, he lives a quiet life minding his own business and doesn't get too worked up on things. just mosey along the path of life with no great upheavals or calamities but also no real high points of any significance either. he has no ambition to be a hero, a famous man or to change the world. just want to live a happy life. in other words a seemingly boring life. but life is not as simple as that. even a flea has an interesting life if you ask david attenborough.

incidentally today as usual i just picked a book at random and i came upon this nice description in margaret atwood's Writing with Intent:Essays, reviews , Personal prose 1983-2005. in an eulogy Carol Shield who died last week, Wrote Books that were full of Delights she wrote:

Human life is a mass of statistics only for statisticians; the rest of us live in a world of individuals, and most of them are not prominent. Their joys ,however , are fully joyful, and their griefs are real. It was the extraordinariness of ordinary people that was Shield's forte,....

doesn't exactly moves me to go and buy carol shield's books but how true it is what she says. and my friend do have his little adventures. and one little adventure that turned his life upside down started when one day he came to his secretary when no one else was in the office and took her hand and put it on his dick. and that little act triggered a tragicomic sequence of events that he has yet to fully recover from. much for simple life.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


cortez the killer

the other day i bought three tickets to watch slash (of guns n roses fame). i thought i'd treat my son who is picking up electric guitar as a hobby (and hopeless at it) and another one who likes guitar songs. you might wonder why not four tickets ? one for the missus too that is. but if you know my wife you'll agree that she is more suitable living in the tribal lands of peshawar or afghanistan for she's such a very strict muslim but that is not to say it in a disparaging way because she's the greatest friend i have and such an angel not least because she lets me walk all over her (in a very nice kind of way) . but in the end i did not go myself but both of my sons did. i wanted to go because i was hoping he would play that old guns and roses' song november rain which has a fantastic blistering and weeping guitar riff by him but it might just as well i did not go because he didn't play this song in that concert so i wasn't feeling too bad throwing a 100 ringgit ticket away.

and here i am at four in the morning in an internet cafe in a bad sector of a certain town on transit to another city known for the sodom and gomorah sector itself listening to songs on youtube while watching street prostitutes across the road milling about trying to hook up depressed looking men for a short bonk in cheap hotels nearby.

these streetgirls are a very peculiar lot. i'm sure none of them put streetwalking as their ambition in school record books but they looked a relaxed and happy lot. may be they just give up on life and say oh fuck it i might as well enjoy this shit. which is not such a bad philosophy when you think about it. and while i'm on the subject i can inform that one of the books on my to buy list for a few months now is Dandy in the underworld by sebastian horsley. i did not know anything about this guy until he passed away of drug overdose a few months back and read his obituary in the guardian. and he was a fascinating pervert who lived his short life to the fullest not least for the fact that he unashamedly admitted that he liked screwing prostitutes and had done so to more than a thousand of all shapes and sizes and colors and nationalities. splendid!

and here i am listening to youtube songs and i keep on playing the great and moody cortez the killer again and again. this great neil young song has been covered by many and some are arguably as good or even better than the original like this one or this. and speaking of cortez the killer one of the fascinating books i read sometimes back was this historical account of cortez conquest of the aztecs and when i got to the interesting part (at the point when montezuma is about to be routed and killed) other books intervened and such is life......

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