Wednesday, April 04, 2012


nothing to be frightened of

do we grow sadder and more frightened as we grow older? if we are lucky we will live to a ripe old age before we succumb to whatever old age ailments that await to give final torments and suck our life away.

i always wonder what an eighty year old feels. eighty seems so far away but so is twenty when we are ten ot forty when we are twenty. but we will all get there eventually , if we are lucky. lucky? there are plenty of eighty year olds around. i should sit down and ask what they feel one of these days.

when julian barnes reached 60 he wrote nothing to be frightened of, a very good and funny book all about getting old and a meditation on death. this is one of the very few books that i read and managed to finish in the last several years.

lately it's getting harder and harder to finish a book. internet is a real bane for book readers. it is not that we do not read more. we do but the things we read are just macdonalds of printed matter. inane and downright stupid facebook updates from fb friends seem to be more interesting than even the best of writings in books. we succumb to information junkfood or worse yes, porn in cyberspace. worse? it can't be worse than reaching eighty .

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