Sunday, September 19, 2010


a finite life

it is perhaps obvious but it comes as a little surprise nevertheless. i found that there is a pattern to my partiality to the contemporary writers/personalities and books that i like. and it's rather disturbing because emotionally all these personalities i would consider distasteful , or hateful even and not people that i love to be friends with. but intellectually it's the opposite. i mostly don't agree with them but i find their writings intellectualy pleasing, stimulating and i can read any of their writings despite not neccessarily agreeing with them. i'm talking about martin amis, julian barnes, christopher hitchens and salman rushdie, yes that bastard too. and there's another commonality there too. they are close friends to each other. at least once in case of martin amis and barnes. in fact mr amis is so close to hitchens that at one time they even went to a whorehouse in new york togather . and you can't be much closer than that.

and recently i watched a charlie rose interview with martin amis where he talked about his friend's chris hitchen's oesophageal cancer which is now already at an invasive stage. i did not know about this at the time. it's such a mundane news but it caught my breadth away and i felt as though it happened to a close family member. and a few days later i switched on to charlie rose again and saw this balding and gaunt fat man being interviewed. i caught the program when it already started for some minutes so i did not know who was on the program and it took me quite sometimes to realize that charlie rose was talking to chris hitchens. he looked very much different to his former handsome and confident- belligerent even - self. one of his shirt collar lapels was carelessly tucked hidden under the jacket which made him looked sloppy and dishevelled. he looked beaten and subdued . and it looked as though he was trying to control his helpless anger for catching this terminal disease and not throwing tantrums on the program.

knowing his view on god and the rest i watched closely to his response to Charlie rose's questions but perhaps not surprisingly there was no surprise answers although one could detect that his answers were not as combative as it used to be. it's just a fact of life he said. he is unfortunate to get the short end of the stick . that's all. god has nothing to do with it. the thing he worried most is when he is not able to write anymore. so that's his raison d'etre. i can never understand that part. why the urge and need to write? i wonder what will happen when that time will eventually come. Perhaps sooner than later as he can do nothing much now. the malignant cancer has spread all over his body and his tenure on this earth is decidedly finite and coming very close to the end . i feel sorry for him.

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