Wednesday, October 26, 2011


son of a father

as i'm writing this, my old father is in a hospital due to urinary complication and serious chronic asthma attack. he is much better and out of danger now. but i feel bad as i could not be by his side as i'm a few thousand miles away in luang prabang laos which can't be helped. he is warded when i am already out of the country for several days.

and then i see this guardian cif news which is striking on many levels. and although i'm not a theatre goer i wish i could go buy a plane ticket right now and head straight to the theatre. One of the comments sum it best...

from SLIMZ comment:-

.....A son tries to look after his father, an old man, in a stage set that looks like a gleaming modern appartment. The back wall of the stage is a huge portrait of a beautiful Christ. This image of Jesus is immense, the size of a building and his face is beautiful, patient, kind, still and unmoving. And in front of this portrait the drama plays itself out. The son, a middle aged man in a suit, would like to get ready to go out. His father watches TV then shits himself. The son clears up the mess. Then the father shits himself again. Once again the son clears up the mess.

This continues. Over and over. The father constantly shitting himself. The son cleaning. Above them the image of Jesus, kind, impassive, unmoving, still, dead, loving, patient..

.....Then terrible things start to happen to the image of Jesus....

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