Wednesday, October 27, 2010



one of the earliest coffee table books that i ever bought was "Erotic Art of the Masters" during my student days. the book had pictures of paintings of naked women or couples in sexual acts which would be considered pornography by many. what i didn't know at the time was that famous painters like manet picasso watteau renoir and many more did paint a lot of risque and downright dirty pictures. it came as a pleasant surprise and this book has remained one of my treasured possession and favorite till this day. it led me to all sorts of new experience and knowledge and appreciation of 'specialist' paintings such as indian miniature paintings and japanese shunga.

one of the most arresting pictures in the book was not the explicit sexual coupling or a naked body but a seemingly innocent fully clothed picture of a girl by an 18th century french artist jean baptiste greuze . the girl had her left breast partially exposed with pink nipple clearly visible and she was carrying a cracked water pitcher on her right arm and a bouquet of flower hiding her pubic region. as the caption in the book says...the crack indicates that she has lost her virginity . the contemporary viewer understood. it's a deeply erotic and sensual painting.

serendipitously many years later i came across the original painting when i visited the louvre for the first time. life is like that sometimes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



the other day i read somewhere that barack husain obama read jonathan frantzen's new book freedom on his holiday. nobody made fun of him reading this . not like when george W fucking bush picked up albert camus' the outsider and pretended to read this on his holiday. i guess he just flipped to that part where an arab was killed for no reason. i'm sure he could identify with that well. i must confess that i've not read the book and so i don't pretend to know the context of the murder. but it is interesting to note that GW fucking bush picked this book . as an arab killer himself i guess he would want to find some answers in there. it is one of those books that i wanted to read too but never get around to do it (and probably never will).

b husain obama 's hands are not too clean either. he's continuing GW fucking B's activity particularly in screwing up afghanistan and i'm no admirer of this black man much. well, a bit. he's definitely a step up compared to that stupid cunt sarah palin . god knows what that bitch will do if she becomes president of the USA in future...god forbid. all the same it would be interesting to know why obama picked freedom on his holiday.

as everybody knows jonathan frantzen many years ago famously snubbed oprah and refused his book the correction to be featured on her show. I for one fully agree with him. i can't understand why this woman is so popular and powerful. i can't stand watching her show for five minutes. so in a sense you could say that frantzen is a serious man. not one to mix around with silly women like oprah etc. and obama is not likely to pick up dan fucking brown in a million years so i guess frantzen is an obvious choice. no controversy.

and i read somewhere that frantzen is such a serious man that he deciplined himself not to have any distraction while writing. he even physically plugged his computer internet socket so that he would not be tempted to go and surf rubbish. for that's what unfortunately internet has become . not too many years ago some people threathened and even did throw televisions out of the window but now i guess it's time to throw out computers into the river and return to good old way of enjoying ourselves. reading good books.

but like many people i can't seem to do much of that these days. i feel so jaded. so many distractions in cyberspace. many years ago i swore i would keep away from reading local political blogs and yet these days i never pass a day without reading insanely stupid, envious, gossipy and angry political blogposts. despite myself i love reading about that idiot ibrahim ali's rants for example. and the evil of facebook! i only have 194 'friends' on my facebook and i don't even know 90% of them personally and yet i spent inordinate amount of time reading their stupid and moronic 'status update'. i wonder what those people that have a thousand and more friends do on facebook. i thank god that i don't have and will never have twitter . and that's not the half of it. but damn. everybody is adicted to internet these days... it's too late. we are all lost and so might as well just enjoy it.

and that's the problem. we're gobbling up junks while our doctors say we need balanced diet. good ruffage and all that stuff. but porn and facefuckingbook and the rest are just macdonalds. we're all mentally obese...hellllllppppp!!!!

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