Saturday, January 01, 2005


The book I read on the last day of 2004

It's now 5 minutes to midnight and new year 2005...and it's appropriate that I end 2004 and start 2005 thinking about books... books to read for what's the very last book that I read in 2004?
Well last night before I went to sleep I was reading an old GRANTA issue focussing on India, about Kashmir during the mid 90s when the beautiful Kashmir became a mess due to the fighting with India....It was a depressing read... nodded off before finishing it...and just before that, night before last I was reading an even more depressing story in the same issue about Bombay...this time about the aftermath of the destruction of the Babri Mosque and how the Shiv Sena thugs rampaging and burning muslims in Bombay....
Oh I'm writing this it's now past mid night so...happy new year to you all.....and it's appropriate that I'm writing about GRANTA to usher in the new year. This is to me one of the best English literary quarterly that I've come have great writing by all the wellknown and great writers on all kinds of topics...fiction, biography, novel in progress, travel, opinion pieces/essays...anything and everything worth reading...

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