Saturday, December 04, 2004


writers who handle words like lovers

If you love words you'll be well rewarded by reading those writers who make it their business to play with words like they handle lovers... writers like Salman Rushdie, Vladimir Nabokov Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Gunther Grass are some of the really good writers that I found very playful with words... some of their writings are hard going for some but if you really want to read "real books" these are the guys I suggest you try.. some others I found very good are Elias Canetti ( eg Auto da Fe), and Allan Hollinghurst (this year's booker prize winner)...Grass, Marquez & Canneti are of course nobel prize winners ....I found nobel prize wiinners very2 boring in general but these few I mentioned are by no mean so...another extremely good nobel prize winner is of course Isaac Bisheevis singer... This gentle fellow was of course a Jew and if you want to know about old Jewish culture (especially yiddish) he's the guy....I once saw his interview on BBC and he was really a nice fellow... someone that I like to be my grandfather..he's dead now of course....

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