Sunday, March 27, 2005


Babette's Feast & women writers

A couple of days ago I was reading an introduction by Amy Tan to The Best American Short Stories 1999 (Best American Short Stories) and was struck by her comment that those who loved the 1987 Danish/French film Babette's Feast will likely not liked her selections for this 1999 volume. That gets me interested in the film and as it happend I had bought a DVD of this film a couple of years back but did not bother to watch sits there among a hundred or so films that I've yet to watch....and I watched it last night...and I liked it.....this quiet, understated and melancholic film is quite beautiful....and now that I liked this film I'm going to plough through the 1999 short stories volume and see if Amy Tan is correct (about people liking Babette's Feast not liking her selections for this Volume)...

...I've never read anything by Amy Tan including her well know book The Joy Luck Club and rightly or other wise as I've stated elsewhere...I never like women writers very much...unless they write like men...and I don't feel... based on her Introduction to this volume -which is interesting enough by itself - that she's a writer that will get me very interested in her works.

But I could be wrong about her as I was quite wrong about Dorris Lessing. I had a strong prejudice against this writer (Dorris Lessing) for some reason which I'm not going into here but I now realised that she is in fact quite a good and manly writer...

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