Sunday, March 06, 2005


Raise high the roof beam....and Hunter S Thompson...

Just finished a short story by J D Salinger... Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour: An Introduction ... finished the first and starting on Seymour :An Introduction...I don't know why some people think that this is one of the worst J D Salinger's story...Raise High...I mean...I find it very charming and a lovely story.....

On a different note...When Hunter S Thompson shot himself...I was on a trans-Siberian train #4 from Moscow to I did not hear of the news till several days later when I arrived home...It's perhaps a fitting albiet sad end to one of the best crazy writers around...I can't say for sure but I have this feeling that he shot himself at exactly the time when my German friend was screwing another friend ... Sweedish girl... in the toilet...we all knew each other while travelling in the same coach/train ....

I first got to know and love Hunter S Thompson's writing way back in the seventies from the Rolling Stones magazine...and I still find his writings very manic...very energetic ..lively...doesn't matter if you agree with him or's such good writings that you get carrried away with his crazy gonzo style...and I just picked up "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and started reading it right now...crazy stuff...brilliant....once I finish this I'll watch the a pirated DVD from one the great DVD shops in front of Holiday Inn Lido, Beijing last year...

In case you have not read about his's one of the news article about it..

Wednesday, March 2, 2005 ยท Last updated 3:36 a.m. PT

Hunter S. Thompson body was found in chair


ASPEN, Colo. -- Hunter S. Thompson's body was found in a chair in the kitchen in front of his typewriter with the word "counselor" typed in the center of the page, according to sheriff's reports.
The word was typed on stationery from the Fourth Amendment Foundation, which was started to defend victims of unwarranted search and seizure, according to reports released Tuesday.
It was not immediately known what, if any, significance the word had to the founder of "gonzo" journalism or to his family.
Juan Thompson found his father dead Feb. 20 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. After reporting the death, Juan Thompson walked outside the Woody Creek home and fired three shotgun blasts into the air.
"Juan told me he had shot a shotgun into the air to mark the passing of his father," Pitkin County Deputy Sheriff John Armstrong said in his report.
Juan Thompson was allowed to go into the kitchen alone to drape a golden orange scarf over his father's shoulders, according to Armstrong. Jennifer Winkel Thompson, Juan Thompson's wife, said the family had purchased the silk scarf in Florence, Italy, and gave it to Hunter Thompson the night before.
The couple and their 6-year-old son were in the house when Thompson, 67, took a handgun, put it to his mouth and fired.
A soft-sided gun case was found at Thompson's feet along with a spent shell casing, according to reports.
The family has canceled plans for a public gathering in favor of a private service. A public event will be held at a later date. Plans also are in the works to blast Thompson's ashes from a cannon, which was one of the author's wishes.

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