Wednesday, October 05, 2005


What I was reading during the second Bali bombing

Ooo what a terrible thing to happen!!....of all days I picked last Saturday 1 Oct 05 to have a quick stop over in Bali....I was in Acheh doing a bit of volunteer work for tsunami victims at Banda Acheh and i tought why don't i just take a few days to relieve all the sadness and go to Bali?

It is the peak season at this time of the year and it was terribly difficult to get hotels but finally managed to get a good 3* hotel beside Hard Rock Cafe right in front of kuta beach...aneka beach hotel... and just about 10 minutes walking distance from Raja Restaurant that was bombed....well thank god... i was lucky ...I was all the way up in Ubud having dinner at the time of the bombing (around 7.00 pm or so)....

Interestingly enough i carried "Galapagos" by Kurt Vonnegut for my reading at this time... a pessimistic dark satire on what bad things our human 'big brain' make us do... and about how humans became extinct & a million years after the extinction of human being as we know it ... now the human species have 'evolved' into tiny brained furry animals without hands but flippers instead and swimming and catching fish all day long....not a bad idea…..

And oh hey…strangely just like over here where people crowd over car accident scenes, I saw a lot of people milling about at the scene of the Kuta bombing at around ten p.m or so... nobody seemed afraid of follow-up bombs...

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