Sunday, October 30, 2005


why i love osama

immediately following 9/11 you see many muslims in many parts of the world CELEBRATING the event...many wears t-shirts with handsome osama proudly displayed on their chests.... some even named their newborns osama... ask any muslims and not one says that osama is a bad man...everybody loves last here's a man who's willing to stand up against the big bad usa.... the great shouts in Iran is ...amrika marakbar!!!...amrika the great satan....still do albiet softer tones now...

and then america responded....showed great resolve and still get all the 'perpetrators of this henious crime' to book...amerika not only hunt osama and anyone associated with him down but also CONQUERED and colonised (there are no better words for it) Afghanistan and Iraq...and still hunting down the elusive osama...

and suddenly most muslims viewed osama differently...osama is a bad man... a terrorist!! bad names to Islam!! what has changed?..Osama has NOT changed...he has showed continued resolve to fight america same as ONLY US THAT HAS CHANGED!!! why??

As for me...i HAVE NOT changed...i still love don't get me wrong...personally i can't even kill a cat let alone a human being...loving osama does not mean that i agree with the WAY he and his organization fight america...just the same as me loving the american way of life (democracy , freedom of expression and opportunity for all...kfc…) does not mean that I agree with amerika going to war in vietnam or dropping bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki...yes, osama chose the unfortunate method of war against amerika...but then again amerika have done a thousand times worse...the untold miseries and number of iraqis who died due to american led sanctions after the FIRST iraq war - before 9/11 lest we forget...makes 9/11 looks like a small car accident on a lonely road...and amerika still continue to perpetrate untold miseries on the people of afghanistan and iraq...and the rape of iraq is continuing even as we speak now....

an interesting article in one of last year's harper's magazine explained how paul bremner at one swoop fired 500,000 iraqi civil servants (many were soldiers)..and made the country as wide open as a whore's legs to let american multinationals and corporations to suck all the blood out of iraq...depressing read...and the crime of putting up puppet regimes in these countries… and this is the worst thing… making fellow afghanistanis and iraqis fighting and killing each other!!.. (it is safe to say that the puppet regimes in both countries will not hold for a day if the US leave these countries now)

So am i wrong to love osama??
osama's raison d'etre is simply to rid of the unjusts that he believes the US perpetrates on islam...leave the holy land of saudi arabia, give palestinians their due rights and freedom...stop meddling in other people's affairs...leave afghanistan, get out of iraq....if this happens is safe to say that osama will be the first one to kiss george bush's cheeks...and I’m willing to kiss his feet too…will it ever happen? osama in his own ways will fight on...i will feel sad because more miseries and tragedies will be bound to happen... but america has a way to describe this, to lessen the pain.....they call it collateral damage...

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