Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Story of My Life

Well... the event of Dr Azahari has now slowly faded from our collective consciousness .... but I can't seem to shake off this gloom ....and I thought I might cheer myself up a bit by reading a good story...and i picked up the classic Wilkie Collins' 'the moonstone' and it hooked me from the first line as it mentioned one of my old favorite 'Robinson Crusoe' and the narrator's obsession with this book is very fetching....

but...talking about serendipity....somehow i accidentally picked up Jay McInerney's "Story of My Life"..and how can I resist a book with an opening line...I'm like, I don't believe this shit....and now i had to put yet another good book (the moonstone) on the backburner so to speak and simply had to finish this light but funny story of a young coke snorting partygoing bimbo hell bent on self destruction in NYC....seems like the way to make me feel a bit cheerful...light, breezy and filthy...this book reminds me of a much 'heavier' Allan hollinghurst Line of Beauty (which i've yet to finish)...

I should have read this about 20 years ago....but again...i'm always behind time with my reading....just like those cosine and sine waves...i'm at least half a cycle behind...but it doesn't matter...good books are supposed to last....

but...seems like i can't get away from the morbid and dark events...McInerney was living only a few blocks away from the twin tower and he was there when the unfortunate event's his description of the event but strangely to me his article somehow did not move me as i expected it to be...but i think it gives a kind of balance to my previous several postings ....


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