Sunday, December 18, 2005


loving jews

I never thought I would ever say this….that I love jews…. And I don’t mean good old jesus of Christianity…and personally the way Christians view poor jesus to me is totally repulsive…I’m convinced that jesus ...wherever he is if he’s still alive -as many unbelievablely believe - is deeply unhappy that billions of people are singing and wailing and praising HIM instead of god!!…and also, show me a man who claim he’s god and I’ll show you a son of a bitch and a charlatan…

I always wonder why jews are hated and hounded so much since the beginning of civilization…and I’m totally perplexed by how much Hitler hated jews that he tried to EXTERMINATE one whole race from the face of the earth! If he were to consider exterminating rats and cockroaches that would make a lot more sense, practical and beneficial to human kind…no wonder some people find it difficult to believe that six million jews were cooked in the oven …it’s simply preposterous….beyond imagination….and six million! That’s a lot of dead bodies….

Interesting to note that the new Iranian president ahmadinejad re kindled the controversy about this recently and showing a complete ignorance of jewish raison d’etre by asking the western world to find a new jewsih home somewhere in Europe….that’s just like asking hindus to pray to Allah for a change….

It may be just prejudice and one isolated incidence should not be generalized to indicate a character of a nation but I had one unpleasant experience when I visited Jerusalem a few years back. I was staying in a well known five star hotel chain and for the first time in my life I saw the hotel fridge locked and CHAINED . Do these people think that we are going to steal the measly mars bars? ….is this really the seed of why they were hated so much? Their greed?..and is that such a unique crime of theirs that they are punishable by extermination??

I am personally color blind when it comes to human kind and given the right time and place I can hate or love any body from any race just like anyone else….and I love this couple of jewish brothers for a simple mundane reason….they just make brilliant films!

I’m referring to the coen brothers….I’ve seen all of their films starting from the first one ‘blood simple’ to ‘raising arizona’, ‘barton fink’. ‘Hudsucker’s proxy’, ‘Fargo’, ‘miller’s crossing’, ‘the big liebowski’, ‘o brother where art thou’, ‘the man who wasn’t there’, ‘intolerable cruelty’ and the last one ‘the lady killers’…. I love everyone of them and particularly ‘fargo’, ‘miller’s crossing’, ‘the big liebowski’ (john turturo as ‘jesus’ was hilarious) and ‘the man who wasn’t there’. You can read all about these great film makers in this site as well as anywhere else.

It’s not just that their trademark wit, dark comic genius and demented violence are so brilliant but the dialogue in every one of their films is to me as close as any film can get to a good novel. It’s the closest thing to reading ‘literary’ novels by watching films.I can never get tired of replaying scenes from their films just to hear the dialogues.

And now that I’m feeling quite warm towards jews (just don’t mention the word ‘palestine’) I may start reading to understand a bit more about this great people….I just bought a couple of old books (from clearance sales) which sounds quite straightforward but fascinating…one is a kind of a primer ‘What is a Jew’ by Morris N Kertzer Rabbi and another is ‘Holy Days:the world of a Hasidic Family’ by Harris Lis.

And now that I’m thinking about jews I can think up a lot more really great jewish people that would be a great loss to the world if Hitler did get his way, and if there ever is one jew from the book world that I would risk my life to save from being cooked in the oven it would be Isaac besheevis singer…but this nobel prize winner is already dead so it’s quite irrelevant…..

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