Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Picked up an old travel writing "Sunrise with Sea monsters" by Paul Theroux and read a couple of short essays...."memories of old afghanistan" written in 1974 and a short 3 page essay "Malaysia" written in 1973 just before going to sleep last night.

I'm quite amused by Mr Theroux's mildly condescending description of an old sultan in one of the states who 'designed his own uniforms' and goes by the nickname 'Buffles'. In one of the polo games that Paul Theroux was present he at one point asked the sultan what was the opposing team malay name meant in english and this 'buffles' remarked "i have no idea. i'll have to ask zayid.It's malay you see. i don't speak it terribly well".....

i'm sure this buffles is long dead now but i suppose there are still quite a few buffles among our many sultans now.... it's kind of sad that those that are supposed to be the most powerful and ought to play some real role in running the country are merely ornamentals at best . ... and yes being 'buffles' most of the time....

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