Saturday, February 18, 2006


the fold disturbance

Reading fiction sometimes can lead you to some unexpected new interest…such is the case for me with william boyd’s 1990 brazzaville beach ( just finished reading it a few days back)….the book piqued my interest to know more about Pan troglodyte otherwise known as chimpanzees…not sure how scientifically accurate his description of chimp behavior is but seems very convincing enough…may be thanks to Jane Goodal whom he reputedly consulted for this book…’s news to me that chimps can be warlike like us humans because all the while I always thought that only us evil humans have the unique thirst and hunger for premeditated killing of each other for reasons other than for food….

Though I would not rate this book as one of my all time favorites it was nevertheless quite memorable …and I was touched by the troubled & brilliant mathematician husband of the main character of the novel…and those musings on obscure and arcane mathematical concepts are actually very fascinating…and one of which in particular - about the many forms of ‘disturbance' (six) of which is ‘fold disturbance’….an event of no point of return…like the bursting of a balloon.

I’ve had my own share of minor and major fold disturbances in my lifetime as everyone else…and yes, a good example of a big fold disturbance is that idiot’s action in drawing the cartoons insulting the prophet Muhammad….

…and now that I’ve finished reading this book I’ll continue with the biography of artatuk which I left mid way …but now I just picked up Mario vargas llosa’s memoir ‘fish in the water’…about among other things his run for peru’s presidency (which he lost)…so I’ll be off on a tangent again it seems….

At this rate I need to live for a thousand years before I can finish all the books that I have…and that’s not counting the new books that I’m sure to buy in the coming MPH and TIMES clearance and warehouse sales….but I’m not complaining….

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