Thursday, April 13, 2006


Flight 93: The last minutes....

Can you bash a cat’s head against the wall without cringing?…there are some evil people that can do this of course… there was even one scene in the movie 1900 showing precisely this. But most people can’t… let alone kill humans…but killing from a distance is easy…it’s impersonal and you don’t feel a thing…unless you stop to think about it which you don’t in time of crisis or warfare..… ask any bombers how do they feel when they drop bombs on impersonal targets… ask the pilot of enola gay how he felt about dropping atomic bomb and killing thousands of the unsuspecting japanese…ask any soldiers when they shoot at enemies that they have never met in their lives before…they don’t feel a thing…

But when a murder is commited at close quarters or put under a microscope…it looks a monstrosity regardless whether it’s a justified act or plain criminality….

So… today we see an act of murder put under a atrocity, a sad monstrosity…the transcript of the last minutes of what happened on Flight 93 on sept 11 (2001) is out…and here’s the full transcript…it makes me feel very very sad…but strangely…and perhaps illogically, I feel equally sad for the innocent victims AND also the hijackers…how can this be??…

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