Sunday, May 14, 2006



i first heard and (came to love) khaled's lilting rai music many years ago and over the years i came across his music at all kind of odd places...pat pong bangkok, those small streets which back packers and white tourists hang out in hanoi and bhakor jie in lhasa Tibet, in luc besson’s manic and great film ‘the fifth element’ (the taxicab chase scene music was "Alech Taadi" and can be found in his album N'ssi N'ssi ) and surprisingly to me even in car stereos of my fundamentalist /extremists ustaz friends in my home town,

And last night I was surfing tv channels in my hotel room in saigon when I was stopped in my track by this great arab/rai music which I thought was khaled’s (on one French channel which showed a French/arab ‘road movie’ about a Tunisian illegal immigrant selim trying to bring his young and very sick sister to italy for treatment and aided in this caper by a fellow Tunisian drug courier jeff) . But it turned out that this music was not by khaled after all.

I did not get to read the final credits and since I did not see the film from the beginning I couldn’t find out whose music this was and if anybody know about this film i would appreciate it if you can let me know about this film’s sound track.

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