Sunday, July 16, 2006


the metropolitan, bangkok

Stayed at ‘the metropolitan’ bangkok for the first time and the ambience of the hotel was quite zen like. Sparse, ultramodern interior decoration and the accent is heavy on the black and white.A good foretaste of my forthcoming travel to Japan ( Kobe & Tokyo) in a couple of week’s time. The Metropolitan is a very quiet hotel , surprisingly free of the usual gaggle of bandy legged and noisy western tourist types . All the staff, except the receptionists (white blouse black skirts) all the rest, male and female (all young) wearing all black - black t-shirt & black pants – all very hip looking, and what I really like is the background music in the reception area , a continuous loop of mesmerizing electro dance music (instead of irritating muzak )- I can just sit in the lobby doing nothing for hours. At about 4600 bhats a night it isn’t exactly cheap but the room is large, has a dvd player and good hi fi /cd player in addition to the usual tv , and if you’re on company expense, you’re not likely to lose sleep over it…and another good thing is it’s just 10 minutes walking distance to the famous sum luang night market and lumphini underground station and in the opposite direction just 15 minutes walking distance away from sala daeng skytrain station which is right in the infamous pat pong area . So a very strategic hotel to cater for all tastes.

Went to chatuchack week end market today but didn’t buy anything this time. Never fail to visit this sprawling (covered) and crowded weekend market which could possibly be the biggest in the world (even bigger than panyayuan in Beijing) and where you could almost buy anything from pets to clothings, from antiques to cheap paintings. If it were a few hundred years ago I imagine it may well have slave markets too. But these days the most risqué things you’d ever get in chatuchack market are those t-shirts with funny statements. The familiar hard rock café now becomes ‘hard cock cafe’: free entry. Another t-shirt has ‘ Sex instructor: first lesson free’.

But my favorite is a t-shirt with the blue UN logo with ‘united nation’ transformed into ‘united nothing’….i in fact bought this one about a year ago at Nana, another Sodom and Gomorrah area of Bangkok - where you can see all those old bandy legged male westerners with their young thai girls (or sometimes boys)…

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