Monday, July 24, 2006


shashi tharoor for top UN post

Interesting to note that the sometime author /novelist Shashi Tharoor of India is one of the nominees for the UN Sec Gen post that Koffi Annan will relinquish in Dec this year. (the others are Thailand deputy PM Surakiart Sathirathai, South Korean foreign minister Ban Ki-Moon and Sri Lankan’s presidential adviser Jayatha Danapala).

I admit that I’m completely ignorant about the merits of any of these candidates but it would be very interesting if Shashi Tharoor do get this job. Lets see what a novelist can come up with to solve the world problems …not much most likely, but we’ve had enough politicians messing the world , now let’s have people of other persuasion take turn to mess it further, or who knows he might come up with some bright ideas , say , to solve the middle east problem (the chief reason why there is so much misery and the world is so unstable these days)…I’d give the odd at 1 in a trillion to that. Chief reason for failure?…the US and that war monger Bush will still call the shots regardless of whoever is in the driver’s seat at UN….and strangely , (I can never understand this), Bush and by extension the US government seems to be led by the nose by jewish interests….so really , you can say this to the jews , they are truly the chosen people (god don’t choose fools does he/she? But then again what kind of god plays favoritism eh? )… but as I was saying , despite virulent hatred and anti Semitism by the whites against the jews, they are still able to kick Bush’s balls at will to do their bidding…but I’m digressing…

Tharoor isn’t exactly a political novice as he has been in the UN all his life and appointed by Annan as Under Secretary-General for communications and public information since 2002, so he knows all the circus , shenanigans and going-ons at the UN. And a good thing is he may write a book about all these monkey business when he retires. I’m off to read his fiction related to the killings and riots in Bombay in the aftermath of the burning down of Babri mosque several years back for starters. The book was aptly titled ‘Riot’…

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