Tuesday, August 22, 2006


good bush bad bush

I read a nice column “camus comes to texas” by Maureen dowd in the international herald tribune last Thursday aug 17 on thai airways on the way back from Bangkok. It originally appeared in NYT I believe. Go check it out for it’s a hilarious piece about george bush reading camus’ the stranger during his recent Crawford Texas vacation and the writer feels it is odd that mr bush would choose camus over grisham – according to this same article George W once mocked an NBC reporter as “intercontinental” for posing a question in French to the French president in france. It’s not surprising that one Canadian minister once referred to him as a moron…

I’ve yet to read ‘the stranger’ myself but this article described the book ‘is about the emotionally detached Mersault, who makes a lot of bad decisions and pre-emptively kills an arab in the sand’…whoever suggests the reading materials for George W must have a fine sense of humor….

That reminds me, the evening before this I was walking along the street around nana skytrain station looking for a replacement computer bag and among the rows of shops selling all kinds of things there was this place selling all those funny t-shirts and I kind of regret that I did not buy this one that showed a picture of a lady’s torso with the panty half way down showing a bit of pubic hair and the caption below “good bush” and beside it a picture of george bush’s mug with the caption ‘bad bush’…

I don’t particularly care if USA has a moronic or bad president but it is sad that this very same man is the single most responsible person - as the article beautifully put it as -creating chaos by trying to impose moral order to the globe….

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