Thursday, September 21, 2006


the good coup

It is not usual that I sleep at 10 pm when in bangkok but that I did last night…too dog tired after an ‘informal’ meeting cum dinner at holiday inn just opposite chitlom BTS (bangkok train station) …and I woke up this morning greeted by the nation newspaper’s big headline COUP!

Thailand probably hold a record of having the most coups in the last 50 years and with most successes too and this latest certainly is one of the most successful of them all . not only that it is a bloodless coup but also seems to get the support of everybody including the king . Apart from the initial news /tv blackouts including the bbc (but for some reason not cnn) in the morning, Bangkok is completely normal! Everybody goes about doing normal things, all the naughty places blaze away happily like there’s no tomorrow like usual…

What a day, a coup in Bangkok, ahmadinejad giving a speech at the UN rubbishing bush and usa and to top it all hugo chevez of Venezuela calling bush the ‘real terrorist’ and the devil!....and on the wall at the urinal in novotel men’s toilet on the ground floor there was a v good newspaper article highly critical of the latest pope stupid remarks …I spent around ten minutes reading it while happily pissing away….all in all…not a bad day ….

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