Thursday, October 12, 2006


Abrahamic religions’ rivalry

As we enter the second half of Ramadhan I think it is appropriate that I look inward and think things spiritual …in my own way…

Everybody knows that the most bitter fights are not between strangers but among people closest to each other…best friends , lovers or siblings…and so it is with religious conflicts.

Anybody who has read Karen Armstrong’s ‘history of god’ will understand that Judaism, Christianity and Islam is basically one religion and merely fissioned into three dangerous entities out of normal evolutionary process from the basic monotheistic religion originally brought by Abraham…as much as Christians hate the word “ALLAH” and sometimes make fun of it let it be known that in the Indonesian bible (injil) and for christian arabs Allah is the term used for god…and there lies the muslims’ disgust and abhorrence when Christians view jesus as the one and only begotten son of god…son of Allah? That gets muslims flipping mad…now we are getting warmer see?…

And the jews?…say the word “jesus”, and the jews are doubled over laughing and think it hilarious that jesus was considered the anointed one, let alone a son of god metaphorically speaking or otherwise…why, jesus was not even a historical figure ! or at best a minor brain addled jew who did not merit a mention in any reputable historical tracts of the day…or a minor irritant that need to be stopped and crucified…now we are really getting into hot water…

But queer dogmas & kooky theologies aren’t the half of it…now consider these religions as a soccer game if you like…the jewish version of the real soccer game is this: only jews can play because we are special see? Bugger the others, they can go and play rugby or aussie footie if they like for all we care. And when we play, we must follow certain rules. No playing on Saturday. At intervals you can eat only kosher stuff and while playing, there are certain punishments for fouls, stoning for harsh tackle in the penalty box for example… we have the soccer rule books the Talmud etc.

And then come jesus…he thinks the game is a bit faulty…rules need to be changed. For a start you can eat anything during interval, pig even. And anybody can play the game. Nobody is special, in fact we must invite everybody to play soccer…aussie footie or rugby , or god forbid… cricket…are bleahhh!! No good! We must teach all the people of the world to play the NEW soccer…spread yea far and wide… spread the good news to the savages in papua new guinea, and congo, the yanomami Indians in the brazillian jungle…go forth ! spread the beautiful game…and to make it more attractive…we shall cancel all the rules, it’ll be free for all, no penalty kicks, no off sides, play any which way you like. hell, why not, even gays can become captains…and lets not restrict to just one rule book, lets have four, mr mark, mr luke, mr john and mr matthew, and oh, ok lets include the old jewish soccer rules too …err for reference only…and oh may be book of mormons? And you can play any style…you can sing with guitars, clap your hands , or say solemn hymns or trash about on the floor or whichever way you fancy…the main thing is just to play soccer and no other games…

Then Muhammad came along…he is a worldly guy, very savvy, very political…he thinks this new soccer is way out of hand …too much…what’s this?, the captain and the referee becomes the one and same , became one in the flesh and spirit?…and the game is completely out of whack…everybody doing their own thing! Ridiculous! needs to revert to the original game…but with new updated rules… rules are BACK… in fact there will be rules and codes for EVERYTHING! …everybody should conform to proper dress codes for example…can only drink orange juice before during or after the game , in fact at all more eating filthy pigs you hear? ... and there are other codes…..and we have rules of engagement with anybody who mess around with our game …we call it jihad….and from now on there will only be one rule book…from now to eternity. We call it the Qur’an…now don’t laugh , and beware of the consequence if you insult our game!!…

But the basic fact is all three still play the same basic game…namely a soccer game. But the sad fact is each think his is the best game and they start ridiculing each other and try to force each other to play their particular brand of soccer…and they start fighting…and continue to do so till now…

Now Buddhists for example ..they play an entirely different game...their game is something like that game in alice in wonderland… a very laid back game…rather attractive… no compulsion for anybody to play it…all you do is make a circle (no need to be perfectly round) , anybody can come in and run along the circle and when you are tired you can stop, we understand no worries…. And if you are really very strong and a good Buddhist you can run and run in circle until you drop dead…we call it attaining nirvana… but those that stop, no worries, just join in again when you are rested and not tired anymore, and you can run and run in circle till eternity… everybody wins...and if you don’t like the game , no problem, you’re welcome if you want to play soccer….or aussie footie or rugby…we don’t care…nice religion Buddhism, if you ask me….

eh hello you never replied to my reply via email.

are you in korea?

have you read no god but God by reza aslan? really fab.

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