Saturday, November 11, 2006


three little misfortunes

ai what a day. extracted my upper right wisdom tooth today. The bottom partner was pulled out a few years ago. will spare all the details as even the like of martin amis whining about his bad teeth in his memoir 'experience' was boring but need to say this. looks like what little wisdom i may have is truly gone now , away with this little tooth that gave me so much pain, for today , with the dull aching pain still not subsided , went to the office and read one e-mail that knocked me out flat. one minute i was included in an exclusive ethereal club of some sort and the next i was unceremoniusly kicked out for the same reason as john kerry recently experienced and described as a 'botched' joke...well i'm no stranger to foot in mouth disease so i'll get over this unpleasant deja vu feeling...

and how clever people are... they say misfortunes come in threes..and how true it is... and now here i am at singapore airport penning this at one of these free internet place to while away the time waiting to board the plane on the way to beijing and i just realised that the temp in beijing is now around 0-16 deg C and i forgot to bring any warm clothes. ah well, need to see the bright side of things. it couln't compare to the time when i went to moscow last february and the temp was below ten but lucky for me some kind russian lady lent her husband's warm clothes so i was spared from being frozen to death.

and, all these are nothing compared to what some poor sods are expreiencing elsewhere, always look down the ladder not up is the thing in this kind of situation... but still...can't escape this mild feeling of ....well ...melancholy is probably the right word...

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