Sunday, December 31, 2006


saddam's last day

So, saddam hussein was hanged today. He didn’t get to see the first day of 2007 and strangely, despite knowing full well his crimes to his people I can’t help feeling a bit sad. Any death is ultimately a tragedy . Will I feel equally sad if say george w bush face the same fate? Probably yes too although I feel that this guy has as much or arguably more blood on his hands and ought to have the same fate as saddam.

Currently reading Isaac bashevis singer’s “shadows on the Hudson” , a fascinating book as all Mr Singer’s books are and this fat tome is fighting to get my attention with the equally thick and fascinating ‘a fine balance” by rohinton mistry. like a polygamous household I’m trying to be fair and alternating my attention to each about equally and now into a hundred pages or so for each.

Both books are philosophical in their own ways . rohinton’s among others about the caste system and the sorry fate of the untouchables and Singer’s as all his books are about nature of evil, the jewish holocaust and why God permited it so. at one point the character Grein (or was it luria) was wondering what those Nazis felt at the point of shoving all those innocent jewish children into the oven. I too often wonder what those guys who dropped the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima felt at that exact point when they pulled the lever , knowing that they were about to kill all those innocent people, children, babies and all the rest of innocent living things… it’s appropriate that with a closure of one life (saddam’s) I discovered this last interview of Mr Singer which is full of big questions of life and no real satisfactory answers to it all….

post script : 6 Jan 06 11.46 pm

watched the grainy mobile phone recording of saddam's hanging today. it made me want to cry. it was obscene the way these people taunted him and didn't let him finish the syahadah. i guess after so much suffering it may be understandable that these people behaved in such uncivilized manner . they got their just revenge but still, it would not hurt to show some kindness and magnanimity to him in his last moment of life. that's the decent thing to do.

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