Sunday, January 14, 2007


anwar revisited

whenever anybody outside Malaysia wants to impress you how much they are in the know about Malaysian political scene , the one thing they never fail to ask is ‘now, what happens to that deputy who fight with mahathir? Did he really do it?...all that sodomy thing is it true?’

my answer to the later part of the question is always this: I don’t even care if he sodomises a goat, if that’s his sexual preference…and we then go on speculating and jabbering on things that neither of us have any hard facts to base our arguments on…

Watched an interesting al jazeera interview with anwar ibrahim on 101 east asia program today. I’m not a terribly big fan of his as I think he has lost much of his credibility. despite all his explanations to the contrary he’s just like any other politicians that sing one tune when they are in one party and blabber the complete opposite when, for whatever reasons they suddenly find themselves on the other side of the fence. Yes, dollah badawi’s administration doesn’t change things much apart from the style of administration which is more open and less dictatorial (or non-administration more like), yes, most of the senior party leaders and ministers are millionaire tens of times over and most likely achieve this by questionable and probably corrupt means…(without the position of power , these senior leaders can’t even sell bananas to monkeys so to speak), yes the country corruption index has worsen significantly, etc…but all these cancers aren’t new & what has he done when he was the second most powerful man in Malaysia??

But there is one interesting comment he made when asked about what he did in those six years of solitary confinement in the sungai buloh jail. He apparently ‘memorized half of the Quran’ , read the whole works of Shakespeare ‘four times over’ and read many classics and books on economics. Pity he did not name any of those classics…I’d be interested to know? which ones? Dostoyevsky’s crime and punishment may be? Gogol? Zola? The count of monte cristo?

The irony of anwar’s shameful fall from grace was that it started from a ‘book’…the infamous “50 dalil mengapa anwar tidak boleh jadi PM” , a book of list of reasons why he was not fit to be Malaysian Prime minister by one khalid jefri an unknown writer that has now passed away. It was not even a proper book but a dalca of cut and paste job comprising of the said fifty reasons and various articles to support these. Ironic because anwar was probably malaysia’s most well read minister ever and he was felled by one of the most ridiculous books ever written….

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