Tuesday, May 01, 2007


the pic that got me interested in balthus

well, as i said previously, i' m just discovering balthus... and the painting that started it all is this one that i saw in the art institute of chicago...i must've looked like a pervert to some museum goers probably , as i stood there in front of the picture for may be about ten minutes transfixed and hypnotised by this disturbing prepubescent girl with her legs spread apart so...and here's the thing, by most people yardstick balthus could be considered a pornographer and understandably so ...but the sheer beauty of the painting transcend and elevate it from just for mere voyeuristic sexual titilation although it is a hard battle not to give an average male an involuntary hard on...

but sometimes it's difficult to draw the line between erotica and porn... all great museums are full of voluptous nudes and sometimes in the acts of being raped not only by humans but some randy gods of the old religions.... and take this painting for example...is this art or porn? it's in the muse' d'orsay no less and by the great courbet too (no less) ...i didn't stay in front of this painting for long but kept a fair bit of a distance and watched people's reaction to it...and i noticed most people just hurried past and some japanese girls giggled a bit and took photos with their digital camera just like me...some people pretended not to see but a few came very close to the painting and pretended to study the texture of the paintings and color...oh yeah...

....or what about this enigmatic painting from an unknown artist from "the school of Fontainebleau ca. 1590" hanging in the louvre? (no less) . what is the meaning of this tweaking of nipple by one beautiful female to another equally voluptuous nymphet?

i've no idea bout art stuff, but i do think it's interesting. i mean, who on Earth doesn't enjoy porn?

but the point is, are these porn?
they may 'look' like porn to some people but would great museums display porn?
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