Wednesday, June 06, 2007


how to make a lady love you forever

every morning (which usually means after ten a.m) when i come to my workplace the first thing i'll do is to boot up my laptop and while waiting for the thing to go up and running i usually do one of two of things... i either read a couple of jokes from this little book "party jokes": a collection of the wildest, most hilarious and often tasteless jokes for adults" which was left to me by my previous boss who is australian and likes women with big boobs or lately read snippets from the kamasutra of vatsyayana Trans by Sir richard f. burton. The first cheers me up and the second can also be funny in it's own way and better still i learn a thing or two about the yoni and the lingam and various forms of 'congress' and what to do to whom and how...that sort of things.

and today i learn a surprising thing from the kamasutra....

if a man mixes the powder of of the milk hedge plant and the kantaka plant with the excrement of a monkey and the powdered root of the lanjalika plant, and throws this mixture on a woman, she will not love anybody else afterword.

sounds scientific enough to me. i think i'm gonna get myself some monkey shit and see if it works...where to get all those exotic plants would be a problem though, but i guess i can subtitute these with local plants like kangkong, kacip fatimah or even cabbage...should work at least on malaysian women i think...

don't you laugh

i'll throw you some baru tau....
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