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i don't read too many blogs...precious few in fact. about the only few i go to fairly frequently are grumpy old bookman for his mildly humorous posts and detailed discussions on all kinds of book things and the literary salon for book news and reviews.and the only blog i go to religously is in fact our very own bibliobibuli for her daily updates on book news and especially for her good taste on literary fictions and local book news.

but occassionally i wonder around a bit bloghopping from one to another and sometimes it can fission into all sort of places. most cases i don't find anything that really interest me but occassionally you do find gems. an example. i don't normally go to the hindu but i can't recall what made me go there but it's a classic case of those fission thing i mentioned, and as i say i was there and read a fascinating interview of david mitchell and an interesting point he mentioned about writing and music was this...

Number 9 Dream was written under the musical spell of Kate Bush and John Lennon.

now that is really interesting. looks like i must try to read the book (which is gathering dust in my library) and see what's that all about. a very long time ago i was also under a spell of kate bush and lennon - among others, (but unlike mr mitchell who produced great work of art as a result of that, for me unfortunately it remained just that...just cluttered memory) mitchell didn't mention which songs but i was particularly under a spell of kate bush's song 'the wuthering height'...a very melodic and intriguing song with her trade mark high pitched voice and that enigmatic wailing which did justice to a great classic of the same title . and also a few years before that i was knocked over flat by lennon... his imagine and earlier, mother which perhaps is not too dissimilar in intensity and powerful melody -if not the content- of kate bush's song.

i usually try to steer away from political blogs. aljazeera, bbc and cnn are more than enough to make me feel depress all day and i don't need to get my blood boiling further by reading angry malaysian blogs on malaysian politics which are full of corrupt and retarded politicians as we all know....

but sometimes we can't help it, and while bloghopping today i came across Susan loone's blog and i was struck by this funny comment to 12th July post.

anonymous on July 12th, 2007

at 4:47 pm

The Mongolian government should urgently request France to check the entry records into Paris of the “Allah be my witness” DPM, the C4 victim and the “I am Proud 0f IT” accused Abdul Razak Baginda. (Don’t ever hope for the Malaysian govt to make such a request. If a Malaysian request is ever made, it is for the French to erase those records.)

there's a lot on this altantuya case swirling around in blogosphere right now, but now, suddenly i feel very tired...

never mind, i'm off to bali tomorrow so that should perk me up a bit....

at last ;)salam to all

about altantunya case... imo, its like us spitting to the sky

Its more than meets the eyes... at the end of the road it will reflect the government itself

What happened to the chinese in the jail?

hi ms fleu,

welcome, welcome. join the club!
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