Tuesday, August 14, 2007


herding cats

i think cats are the most amazing animals in the world. i've never seen any creature more selfish but at the same time more lovable than cats. they are not beholden to any authority and will do as they please and unlike dogs , they are neither faithful nor useful, but still, you can't help loving them. the only animal that resemble cats that i can think of is a certain type of women. the type that drag silly big fat married men to hell on earth.grrrr.

and i was in the bookstore the other day and came across richard dawkin's ' god delusion' and i started reading the forward and one interesting point dawkin made was that it is not that there are not many atheists in the US. it's just that they don't have clouts like say those christian fundamentalists groups because they don't have any form of cohesive group. to get them to form any kind of grouping is like herding cats. it's impossible as each and everyone of them think independently and will never agree on anything. how very true. but that's not to say that atheists are lovable like cats.

A couple of days back (saturday 11, aug 07) guardian unlimited newspaper has a summer short story special featuring some interesting writers. and what did i find? the first story i read in this special was a story by Jay McInerney putting daisy down about a diabolical way of taking revenge involving a cat.

many years ago i read kurt vonnegut's 'cat's cradle' , one of his most pessimistic books and one memorable part of the book to me is early on about what Dr Felix Hoenikker , one of the (fictional) team responsible for making the bomb did on the day hiroshima was bombed. he was on all fours playing cat's cradle with rubber bands on his fingers with his kids. take it any way you like. and that reminds me another book with 'cat' in it that i MUST read one of these days is gunther grass' cat & mouse. this is the second in the so called danzig trilogy starting with his first book the famous 'the tin drum' which i've read a long time ago and the third and equally fantastical ' the dog years' (which i've read a long time ago too).

and here is a picture of our dear poot that died during the last flood on 26 Feb 2005. she ran and hid in the car engine and was trapped under the car bonnet as the flood water rose up to completely submerge the bonnet up to steering wheel level. i don't really mind the car was flooded over but till this day i felt really sorry for poot. i feel as though i lost a child. i still miss poot.

I must confess I don't really like cats but they like me. They always rub their bodies against my legs ... especially the males and I would kick them off ...

You should get a new cat!
you naughty girl...and let it be known you're bookmarked too.
It has been way, way, too long since the last time I left a comment... hope things are well!

Incidentally, I have been keeping up with your blog via my RSS reader, and seeing the title of this post, I thought u should have a look-see at this funny commercial, which has to do with herding cats...

On a separate note, I love cats very much (I'm fond of dogs, too, btw). Unfortunately, the Mrs just can't stand them, and I had to make one of those difficult choices... either her, or cats.

Oh, well... anyhow... will check back again at some point. I think the last time I left a comment way back when, we discovered that we had Pink Floyd in common... or something along those lines... And now, it's cats! ;-)

hey walski;

that's really nice! and we both love douglas adam too if i recall correctly...we probably have more in common but i doubt if you love osama ben laden as i do....
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