Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Buskers -part II

on 21st april my post was on buskers, in response to that washington post article on the world famous violinist joshua reynold who didn't get very much attention busking in NYC subway and one 'sawlady', a busker in NYC who played a 'musical saw' and has a blog on busking of her own sent a comment saying that the smashing electric violin player that i recorded in one NYC subway station in Feb 07 (and posted on youtube which you can see here) was Lorenzo LaRock who is also a recording artist and play concerts in small venues around NYC.

And i posted on youtube another busker here , this time a chinese lady playing some kind of traditional chinese stringed instrument in Chicago O'hare airport and someone later commented that this lady is in fact a professor whom he had taken a violin lesson from at one time in chinatown (in chicago presumably). isn't that amazing.

i have seen quite a number of great buskers in some major cities over the years . during the same NYC visit there was even a full orchestra of some kind with clashing cymbals , drums, and trombones and assorted wind instruments creating a huge booming racket in another subway station ... and one never know some of these are really interesting people...can't figure out why a chinese professor (of what?) want to be a busker in chicago airport...things people do...beats me sometimes...

another favorite of mine is this old guy playing an airhoo(?) on wang fujing road in beijing...the pic is crappy but i love this guy...


youre a very surprising person greenbottle ... i mean your interest in busking. if you know of a busker with a great personality or with attitude whos making a tour of airports around the world, do let me know. hmm, that chinese prof sounds interesting!

yes, buskers can be interesting. though many aren't that good. you can see some good ones in subways and tube stations. i have a few more clips and may put on youtube someday.

here's a busking lady blog which you may find some of the info you are looking for on buskers.

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