Friday, September 21, 2007


music in time

music. what a topic to write about during this holy month of ramadhan when we are supposed to be all serious and be in holy communion with Allah and drunk in mystical love and transcendance in the wee hours of the night. ...but music is a gift of god too, to those of us who are not deaf or tone deaf and in its own way can transport you into a trance of mystical love and transcendance or whatever. . so i'm grateful and thank god for giving me youtube...bless is he (for i don't think it is a she) who gave us this magical program that you and i can at the tap of the keybaord bring all those long forgotten video clips to life and flood us with nostalgia ; such as this one, which counts among the greatest pop song ever, don mc lean's american pie

it just make you want to cry.

and how grateful i am to be able to watch and listen again to the beautiful cinema show by genesis (peter gabriel era- the only period that genesis matters-) or the epic supper's ready , never mind the hilarious and silly get up mr gabriel was up to in those days! and the awfully bad sound quality of this clip. dim the light, close your eyes and may be with a little help of pot or something ( i swear i never touch the thing) you'll dissolve into some kind of nirvana for a short while. and oh how he has aged over the years as you can see here in his post- genesis years playing the iconic solsbury hill .and i must tell you that i once saw him played at earls court and nearly missed the last train back to Ashford kent where i stayed at one time a long time ago. and he's now grown into a respectable old gentleman as you can see here playing a sad song i grieve about all those who lost their lives in the sad 9/11 event...but as he says, life carries on and on and on....

but nothing beats good guitar riff to get you flying high and neil young on his good day can play blistering solos like the best as you can see here in cortez the killer or here in like a huricane . and though i'm not a fan of joe satriani, his bells of lal (part 2) gives me the shivers every time. or robin trower's bridge of sigh or this forgotten irish lad rory gallagher playing a million miles away and the list goes on and on...and i could go on and on...

ah... you don't get these kind of songs anymore these days... all you get is the hedious hip hops and 3 minute ditties of no consequence. listening to britney spears is like having sex and having premature ejaculation....sad (but don't happen to me i can assure you)...

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