Wednesday, September 12, 2007


why i hate america

i was having lunch today with a british guy and he was saying great britain had brought a world of good to the world by colonizing half the world and how good the british were letting these countries had their independence when the time came unlike those bloody french which never let go any of their colonies and the natives had to fight and sacrifice their lives for their independence. british imperial power brought modernization , model of parliamentary systems and democracy to these countries didn't they?

he genuinely believed british imperialism and colononization of all those countries in africa and asia were in fact doing a favor to these countries. imagine if these countries were not ruled by british once, he proudly said. the natives will still run wild naked , he seemed to say. (what about thailand which has never been colonised by anybody? i said.)

and this is not from the mouth of your average skin head or yob or other british riff raff but a world authority on some scientific stuff or other. isn't that amazing! now you understand why many in the third world hate the west so much. muslim world especially. because muslim world, despite the world of good the west has given to humanity don't give a damn about infidels and think that only being muslims are what really count. so now you see both end of the insularity spectra. i can't speak for others but as an extremist muslim myself i can understand muslim mentality very well and now's why we hate the west so much...

but before that, isn't it ironic. me? who loves everything western...their books, their arts, their music their films, their food but in equal measure hate them so much? is that possible? is it logical? but humans have never been too logical in their behavior. i once had a- pardon the expression- white friend who loved to mix around with asians but at the same time had no qualm whatsoever with apartheid (this was during apartheid days in s. africa). he once told me he had to bring a shot gun along when driving along empty roads in queensland and when i asked why? he nonchalantly mentioned that oh to shoot the abos if they are lying on the road drunk....australian aborigines are nothing but kangaroos to them. no wonder they killed them all to extinction in tasmania .

and this is the problem with whites. i once had another dinner with a group of americans and in their loud american way they mentioned what a lot of good america was doing in iraq (this was a couple of years ago before iraq was completely fucked as it is now) and i said...but what suffering you guys had done to these people...and he said...but these arabs, aren't they at each others' throat since god knows when? killing means nothing to them...hmmm. so a few hundred thousands more don't really matter...

and that's it. we are nothing. less human then them. the old imperialism is long gone but the country that brings a world of good to the world is also the ultimate imperialist the world has ever seen. the way america think is as though this whole world is meant to serve the interest of america. the sad thing is i believe america genuinely feels that they are doing good to the world but in their bungling ways with idiots after idiots chosen as presidents america has done just the opposite.

with the amount of money they spent and continue to spend in iraq and elsewhere in their war on terror which good ole borat more correctly referred to as 'war of terror' i will bet my life it would be better spent and with a certain success to make people love america by bombing iraq and afghanistan with bread than bombs.....and that's my silly nonsense for the day to commemorate september 11. and oh...i must say that i'm very happy to see that osama is alive and well...may he outlives all those american hawks who have given so much misery to the world....

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