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i was having dinner with a couple of friends in this rather crappy restaurant which is supposed to be quite famous on top of a hill overlooking davao city mindanao several weeks back when this british friend out of the blue mentioned that his wife ran away with someone. this came as a surprise to me as he is quite a decent looking guy and very successful in his career. one time we were having a massage- no , not the naughty one but the normal traditional oil massage and when we changed he just simply dropped his pants and i glanced down there and what i saw was a real whopper dangling between his legs , so i assume his wife ran away not on account of that department.

he had gotten over it now but in the early days he was terribly pissed off (understandably) and on a whim went to buy himself one of those fancy mercedes 300 series CASH and brought his two lovely kids on a holiday in a fancy resort in the bahamas or somewhere -not that it did him any good with regards to getting back his wife of course. he said he was lucky to have good and real friends that supported him during those black days. i mentioned that in this part of the world if a man finds his wife doing the hanky panky with another man, some real men will just kill the bitch. i told him that sometimes i remind my lady that if i ever find another man bonking her during one of my travels i'll cut off her head and put in a fridge. what a romantic relationship you have ! he exclaimed. and i told him as much as we would like to believe other wise the best relationship or friendship is often not based on equality and mutual respect.

i notice the best relationship is always a form of a master and slave. traditional asian family structure is based on this . man the master and woman the slave. it sounds terrible but in fact not really. these days unfortunately modern asians think the same way as the western people i told him and now we are seeing more and more divorce because asian men can't really get used to being made mere equal to their women. asian men are not used to cooking or changing diapers. you're damned crazy he said. you treat women like carpet. i said , no, like slave. but we love our slaves. more than you really love your women .

and same thing goes with friendship i said. i always find friendship a disappointment.a big let down. i said that he's lucky to have real friends. i said i only have real friends and lots of them too but only during my childhood days. after i'm past teen age years i told him i always find friends disappointing. of course i expect people to find me a disappointment too. and so we see that we have mostly casual friends. people we won't die for. do you have friends that you'd die for? i asked him. do you? he asked. no, i said. but come to think of it the only person i'd die for is probably osama ben laden. but that's not for friendship but idealism. you're fucking out of your mind he said. i said, may be, but i'm trying to say the truth. i can rationalize it. but some other times perhaps.

and i said, do you know why dogs are so popular as pets in the western world? it's because men (and women) are lonely. they crave real friendship. and only dogs can satisfy this need. or at least the nearest human can get. relationship between man and dog is the most honest and beautiful friendship ever. many people are willing to die for their dogs. and their relationship is not based on equality. it's master and slave kind of relationship. am i correct ? i asked him.

and that's why so many buddy movies are so popular. and some of the best movies ever made are in this genre. papilon, midnight cowboy, the big liebowski , just to name a few. oh you're one fucked up philosopher , he said. and we finished the dinner and went down the hill.....

this came as a surprise to me as he is quite a decent looking guy and very successful in his career. oh man, have you got things wrong! why are men so dense about what women want!!!! and it aint' the size of his kemaluan either! (he may have been a hunk of dynamite but he only had a 2 inch fuse!)

what was that about the "mere equal to men"? you should aim so high!
ah ms bibliobibuli;

most men really don't know what women want!

it's always a mystery to me why some of the most desirable women find the worst kind of men desirable... i guess the saying the worst dog always gets the best bone is quite true when it comes to men and women...
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