Saturday, January 05, 2008


oh britney! (you did it again)

i never thought i'd write about this. britney spears! her life is getting madder and sadder by the day as today's news shows.i used to think only silly pre-pube girls listen and adore her. but i can't help myself liking some of her songs. and she's getting more and more interesting by the day. she's becoming the female equivalent of wacko jacko.

what a turbulent life! and she's not yet thirty! starting from an innocent mickey mouse groupie graduating to become one of the most likable teenybopper singers with catchy tunes and naughty titles like baby one more time, oops..i did it again and stardom. and from there on it's a ride fit for a coen brothers movie (sans the murders, that is). running away and on a whim married an old childhood friend and promptly divorced him two days later... and went on to marry that asshole kevin ferderline who is a fucking nobody. ok he used to be a back up singer to famous artists including britney herself (if that counts for anything). and he was an aspiring rapper and HIP HOP singer ! and if there's anything i hate it's this ghetto music. (to be fair, there are some good hip hop songs , but these are exceptions...)

the thing is, i can not see what made britney to be besotted with kevin federline. my theory is this. i hate to say this but taken as a whole (some) women are very stupid (or stupider than most men) . and due to their stupidity they all too often fall prey to men and on matters of love they generally fall for two basic reasons. one, good look and big dong and two: MONEY!

we've all seen many beautiful young things married to old men that look like gorillas simply for money but with regards to britney and old kev, it must be the former. i bet the lucky bugger had a what you might call a whopper and really gave it one more time to britney that made her smitten and fall in love with this rake. but this kind of love won't last and it did not.

the trouble really started for ms spears when she divorced this asshole and she was not given the custody of her two young children...and then her life starts to unravel messily and gets very interesting .... it spiraled into a succession of small tragedies and scandals. she was (and is) an obviously highly disturbed poor girl. shaving her head , getting in and out of hospitals due to substance abuse, beating a paparazzo with an umbrella and top of the list was baring her beaver for the whole world to see. ironically as much as i love this kind of things perhaps i'm the only person who've never seen britney's er beaver. why, even chua soi lek may have seen it.

i may not be "pro-women" in most people's eyes but i'll say this. small children should not be separated from their mothers , even if you think that they are not good mothers. britney may be a wacky pussy and an unfit mother but kevin federline is no better and a right bloody bastard in my eyes. anyone who, like this guy who ditched his fiancee when she was eight month pregnant just to marry a bigger celebrity could not be anything but a dickhead and anyone who's willing to marry a guy like this just like britney did must be a silly bimbo. so in a sense they deserved each other but all the same when children got into the equation tragedy is unavoidable.

what surprised me is that with all her money why can't she hire good lawyers. if o. j can get away with murder and micheal j can get away with sleeping with little boys, one would think that child custody battle should be a lot simpler in comparison. and she can have ten or twenty maids to take good care of her children. and it is a bigger wonder to me how the judge is so blind to award the sole custody to the father when clearly the mother is going mad missing her children .

anyway, goes to show that celebrity, talent, beauty and money do not guarantee happiness. her life reminds me a little of that fine book by henry james a potrait of a lady.

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