Tuesday, January 01, 2008


promising start to a new year

today is the first day of 2008 and it already started with a bang! a real promising start to the year but what an ominous start to malaysian politics! today's big news as we all now know is the health minister chua sui lek caught in what's the word? flagrante delicto in a hotel room with a woman who is not his wife. in simple language he was caught fucking in a hotel room. and the thing is, it was caught on cctv (and as described by some news, from four different angles!...wow, kinky!) cctv in hotel rooms? that would get half of BN ministers worried now!

i hope somebody put it up on youtube soon. i googled it just now and the only thing that came close to it is this. bloody hell! , funny, but not exactly what i am looking for...

i gather it goes without saying that the coming few days will be hell to this poor minister personally but from political perspective he shouldn't feel too bad. he is in good company. and MCA and BN as a whole will not be kicked out in the coming general election just because of this. (malaysians are too stupid to think that there are alternatives to BN, malaysian voters have a collective brain power of a herd of fresian cows and simply unable to think that others can rule(or misrule ) as well as BN...but i'm digressing again...)

in this dark hour he should take solace from the fact that people like rahim tamby chick who was alleged to do a lot worse (and with an underaged girl at that) was not only cleared by the court but completely rehabilitated and now sits happily as a member of umno supreme council! instead, a few teenagers were hauled to court and found guilty of banging the same girl in some hut in a durian orchard somewhere but were set free and not given a jail sentence, if i recall correctly. (i thought banging under aged girls will get you mandatory jail sentence, but sometimes strange things can happen when your life somehow get entangled with umno politicians)... and why, there was a furious forum discussion on tranungkite.net quite a while back about khairy jamaluddin who was alleged to have a right bloody good time with this chinese girl while he was studying in oxford or wherever the hell he studied at . in plain language he fucked the girl and got her pregnant, or so the forum said....and some said he recently had a naughty hanky panky with maya karin. good luck to him! ( i envy his dark look -but not his dark heart..) ...and what has all this done to him! nothing but good. as we all know he is now our malaysian prime minister...er i mean our prime minister's son in law....and the list goes on...why, it has been said that our PM himself brought his current wife to australia before he was married to her, and in strict islamic sense even in the hadari version this can constitute as khalwat...and by right he should be hauled to syariah court and tried and what has this done to him? nothing but good....but all these are very tiresome... sex is good! why should we get so damn uptight about it all?...the problem with chua sui lek and the like is merely this. they got caught.

i think he is not worried at all politically speaking, or even from the family front. in fact his wife already forgave him in public. (poor but brave wife, not exactly in the same league with hilary and clinton...but it's exactly the same situation)...
i think there's only one thing that is potentially very worrying to him. it's the small matter of the size of his pecker. if the dvd shows clearly that his is what some would called a whopper , well then he has nothing to fear at all. but if as i suspect his is just an average size of an asian pecker , which unhappily i must admit is on the smallish side - by world standard - well, he should be very worried indeed...

and if the video clearly showed that his pecker just look like a shrivelled prune , on that basis alone and nothing else, he should resign from his cabinet post! otherwise he'll be forever tormented by his cabinet -ugh- members' snide remarks and sniggers behind his back...men are such vain animals, they can tolerate a lot of things but get very touchy when it come to the size of their johnsons.....

and that's the only reason why it is crucial that someone put the clip on youtube... then i can advise him to resign or not....

most interesting blog! see roxuncut
so much talk yet i cant find it on youtube! you know where? ha,ha,ha. everybody is asking everybody and no one knows where to find it!
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