Saturday, February 23, 2008


...and about lust

now is the best time to observe what lust can do to people. lust for power. malaysia is in the throes of a general election fever. a silly season by other name. a very silly season in case of malaysia. we can observe all kinds of sendiwaras , wayang kulits. cheap tricks, briberies, blackmails, one sided unfair mass media blitz (by the government parties), and promises. hundreds and thousands of promises made that will not be kept . the only truly positive thing in all this is that we're not that mad (yet) to resort to killings and bombings unlike some other countries in the region. thank god for that!

but for anyone with a slightest bit of conscience and moral outrage left, this time around you should VOTE ANY PARTY BUT BN. kick the bn assholes into the political rubbish bins! be brave! you won't find yourself suddenly turn into a cockroach just because you vote opposition! and if bn is kicked out on 8 march , malaysia will NOT suddenly turn to fucking bangladesh or congo! a change can even probably be good for bn too! and we can even see it now! they are trying their best to get CLEAN candidates and do not nominate obvious assholes like mad taib and that zakaria fucker that built that mansion in klang. but where the fuck can they get clean people in BN? they are all bastards and assholes. forget them!

but it's a traged
y that malaysians are so stupid , so fucking retarded that kicking BN out of the government is so beyond their collective little brains' capacity to comprehend that even the opposition parties admit that the best they could achieve this time around is to deny bn two third majority. what fucking strategy is that! malaysians should be educated that BN is just a collection of crooks and any body can govern as good or as bad as them! so be brave and vote the fuckers out!

oh dear, i'm getting quite worked up and forget my main topic again! but before we go into that, for 'alternative' news to the mainstream media which is nothing but bn's donkeys you'd do well to visit malaysia today for some incendiary reportings of the bn misdeeds, or mal
aysiakini for more level headed news or harakahdaily for PAS specific news or some of the more interesting malaysian political blogs like rocky's bru or screenshots or lim kit siang or anwar ibrahim and some other links in those blogs.

but lust for power is not my main interest. in fact i have absolutely no interest whatsoever in power. i love my anonymity far too much.and although quite a sizeable number of people are afflicted with lust for power the only kind of lust which everybody knows and experience is the sexual kind. sexual lust makes the world go round and careen into all sorts of directions.

lust is one of the primary colors of human feelings. and gods too! one of the best sculptures celebrating lust is bernini's apollo and daphne as you can see here.

and krishna, one of the hindu gods , an avatar of vishnu is famous for coming down to earth and frolicking and having sex with the gopis, female cowherds. now this is interesting. krishna doen't come down and choose say, female literary fiction novelists to have sex with. and i guess that's typical of many humans too. they want to have sex with beautiful females with little brain. and that explains why the lust industry, or prostitution and pornography by another name is so successful and popular! and i've never met any literary fiction writer working as a sex worker before. Although there conceivably could be a few around.

there are books of beautiful erotic paintings of krishna bonking gopis that you can buy if you go to the right bookstores. national museum of india of delhi miniature paintings room have one lovely painting of krishna hiding in a tree peeping at naked gopis having a bath as you can see here. notice that the girl squatting on the right is hairless. simply fantastic! and here's another one that i took of krishna being very naughty . the naked gopis in a pool pleading with him to give back their clothes. devine!

but the most explicit expression of pure lust these days of course can be found on the internet. the porn sites. unfortunately some of these can be pretty nasty.real industry grade grossness and nastiness. stay away from them. like anything else lust can be bad and good. lust can hurt you in a very bad way as a lot of people already know and i am not talking just about the possibility of you guys catching crabs or aids but it can ruin your life in other ways. as chua soi lek recently found out or the other recent juicy news among the hong kong artists and celebrities and this guy edison chen which you can read and see hairy beaver and all here and here....

you made me laugh once again ... maybe i should turn all those men who lust after me into my sex slaves ? maybe i should run a "fuck-a-brain" business? maybe that's how i can get to be financially independent quicker ?
ha ha roxanne;

you won't be rich that way. women with brain are meant for 'love', but love is a very elusive and tricky thing....

if only you could lower your IQ by say 20 points or so, then you're probably perfect for me...lust wise.
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