Wednesday, February 27, 2008


where are malaysian writers ?

if hunter h thompson hasn't blown his head off and is still alive and if he is a malaysian he'd have a riot writing about the current going ons leading to the 8 march general election here. a very mouth watering ifs but an in impossibility. out of the question.

what is NOT out of the question and perfectly conceivable and not an impossibility is that we in malaysia can -if we want to. we DO have local writers and journalists who are fairly good and can even write the way the late mr thompson did and can be as perceptive and darkly satirical as any writers around. but forget journalists who work in the four mainstream newspapers.(NST, The Star, Utusan Malaysia and Berita harian) these people especially those writing for the malay papers (Utusan Malaysia and Berita harian) have no balls whatsoever and probably half retarded.

it's difficult to think that they are willing to write such tripes and become willing donkeys and mouthpiece to the BN assholes. the method of writing and reporting by this journalists is simple. write anything 'good' about BN and ignore or write anything BAD about opposition. what kind of journalism is this?

i am more than willing to read good, objective piece of writing on anything (preferably with a dose of dark humor thrown in), but as i say, these journo idiots can only come up with limp and ridiculous one sided write-ups. but they are quick to quote opposition remarks -and invariably out of context -if these seem to sound ridiculous and make them look like fools. can't these people use their writing talent to write a little more objectively? instead of such blatant one sided reportings as though these main stream papers are only meant for lobotomised umno assholes (with half of the critical thinking part of the brain sliced off).

but i guess , we are only malaysians. a nation where critical thinking is not encouraged. malaysians are not very high on the intellectual scale of things. a nation whose citizens' concerns is still making ends meet. still right at the bottom of the maslow's heirachy of needs. despite the gleaming and impressive concrete jungles of KL, malaysia is just like a prostitute. the face is properly made up but everything else is rotten and pitiful.

so , malaysian journalists and papers is just a reflection of the state of malaysian intellectual stage. immature! as they say. we deserve what we get. we are so fucking stupid, we can't think beyond BN . and one of the biggest blame lies squarely on the malaysian mass media. they mould the mind scape of malaysians and because they are BN donkeys we are well and properly fucked!

but in this day and age there are ways to get around this. and thanks to all those good bloggers, youtubers and all that , those who are fortunate enough to have access to internets ( rapidly growing thank god) can have alternative views. alternative ways of looking at things. but this is still way too little. and probably the majority of these people mainly surf for porns and stuff anyway! and for every one who has internet there are ten who live in villages that still think malaysia belongs to BN. these people can only be reached by normal media and we need good objective writings and good objective papers. and i'm pessimistic.

and what strike me as strange is this, where are the 'real' writers? the novelists? the literary fiction writers? to use the old tired cliche, their silence is deafening! they, who are so vigorous in talking about all kinds of story arcs, the meaning of dead gold fish in different cultures, the merits of booker writers and and all the other highly intellectual stuff? where are they? these are the people who can write with elegance, eloquently and wittily. if anything these are the very people that can change the mindscape of malaysians . but i don't see and hear anything from this group?

or perhaps i'm just mistaken. malaysian writers are perhaps just like those journalists who treat their vocation as merely another job. no different from being a plumber or a clerk. just another way of putting food on the table. but i'd like to think that real writers are made of sterner stuff than that. i'd like to think that real writers are the conscience otf the country. the mirror to a country's soul. i hate to think that maalaysia is soulless.

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