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a few curious incidence

a few little incidence that happened during this run up to GE on march 8 gets me thinking ( a little)...one, on the nomination day. a gang of umno boys on motorbikes took a wrong turn and ran smacked into a DAP crowd somewhere in johor and was quickly surrounded and beaten up (this was nomination day you must remember, and tension and emotion ran at boiling point) but a group of PAS supporters (who were with the DAP group ) came and rescued the umno boys. you can read a lot in this if you want but i'll leave it at that.

second. a few days a go, a couple of berita harian repoters were given a trashing by umno hoodlums in perlis. what a turn that was! they were there to make glowing reports on umno and were rewarded with kicks and a proper bashing. only came out as a very small news item . the small report looked very sorry and the paper seems to me like a cowering dog with tail between the legs. i know they can't do much. if these reporters were whacked by PAS supporters! it'll be headline news for three straight days and we can say good bye to the state of kelantan!

third. i was among the crowd accompanying khalid samad (PAS) the candidate for Shah alam parliamentary seat waiting for the nomination candidates to be announced. and towards noon a few sms came from kelantan saying excitedly that tuan guru nik aziz won the chempaka DUN seat without contest! turned out the message was wrong. what happened was the umno candidate did not sign some of the nomination papers but nik aziz graciously allowed him to sign them. speaks volume about the man.

khalid samad by the way is a uk engineering graduate and the younger brother of shahrir samad the johor umno maverick. and his opponent from umno is the infamous (and now very old) aziz shamsuddin....speaks volume about both.

fourth. the only seat won unopposed by the opposition this time is in kijang state seat in kelantan. it was won by one lady who was previously a PAS senator. I don't know her personally but we went to the same secondary school. i knew her husband very well though. he was a good friend. i say was because one day quite a few years ago, he died of a heart attack while playing football. i always know exercise is not always good for you. the reason she won the seat was simply because her umno opponent was proven to be a bankrupt. despite the hoo haa by dollah badawi that umno candidates would be properly vetted many apparently passed through the umno vetting sieve. and that impeccable PAS man of kelantan Dato' Husam Musa knew about this umno man for kijang state seat even five days before the nomination.

the curios thing is this. kijang seat is husam musa's seat. it's one of the safest seats for PAS in kelantan. and husam musa is hotly tipped to be the next menteri besar for kelantan. but he chose to go to salor instead. salor seat was previously won by PAS but it was held by umno a f ew times previously. so a kind of a ding dong seat. and husam can pick and choose his seat. he's in the driver's seat for kelantan PAS after all. but i heard him explained in a gathering of PERAKAN (persatuan anak2 kelantan di perantauan) at nikko hotel last night. he said, i know this seat will be won unopposed as i know this guy (is a bankrupt) five days before the nomination. i kept it a secret to everybody. but i thought to myself, well, better to give a lady the seat....not exactly in his very own words but that's the gist of it. speaks volume about the man.

and by the way the nikko hotel do was very successful. full house . the president of PERAKAN started off and got the audience excited and the blood boiling. and from then on it was a party all the way with Husam and Nik Aziz as the star attraction. probably that was the first time nikko hotel people heard so many screams of allah hu akbar. quite concievable that some umno assholes who were fornicating there ran under the bed thinking khalwat guys were making a big operation. perakan president by the way happens to be my brother in law. very small world.

and main thrust of the meeting was this: all you kelantanese voters! go home and vote... if khairi gives you money take it! they say umno is giving up to rm500 per head! take it! and go and buy air asia ticket! and even if you choose to go home on umno bus. no problem...take the money hop on the bus and while you are on it scream the takbir allah hu akbar and on the voting day, simply vote opposition.

i know one umno guy was given the responsibility to find people for 10 bus to ferry to kelantan. each bus will be allocated rm10,000. so he has rm100,000 in his pocket. and a big portion will remain there. i know umno people. they are all assholes.

and fifth. here's a juicy one . i didn't know about this till i read RPK column here.
i'm beginning to admire this shahidan fucker. he has balls.

here's an excerpt

Shahidan Kassim was dropped from the candidates' list and thereby would have to retire as the Menteri Besar of Perlis as well. He stormed into Abdullah's office in Putrajaya and only after the seventh attempt was he able to meet the Prime Minister. Under immense pressure and Shahidan's threat of handing the state over to the opposition, Abdullah relented and reluctantly gave him back his seat. This upset Umno's Secretary-General who had been trying to get rid of Shahidan because of his many sex scandals, the latest involving a very young girl who was forced to have an abortion to get rid of Shahidan's baby she was carrying.

Shahidan retaliated by declaring that he would give the Parliament seats to the opposition “so that I would not have to see their fucking faces for the next five years.”

the old shahidan has many sex scandals? screwing a very young girl? i'm getting a hard on imagining it. so i'd better stop here.

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