Saturday, March 15, 2008


tok guru's prayers

when i arrived in kota baru on early friday morning 7 march , just a day before the polling day i saw a sea of whites coming out of the sultan muhammad stadium like migrating ants. the women in the traditional white shroud-like muslim prayer attire and the men with the obligatory white kopiah on their heads. they have just finished the 3.00 am night prayers and munajat with tok guru nik aziz. in retrospect that scene which everybody could see on banners all over the state late friday was a very powerful portent that BN was about to be squashed like cockroach in kelantan. the open field of the sultan muhammd IV stadium was completely filled with seas of whites. nobody kept count but it could easily be 30 thousands or more. and they prayed for one thing. to seek god's help to prevent umno from taking over kelantan.

well i dunno, but can't help the feeling that tok guru got a bit more than he prayed for. I'm sure even in his most fervent prayers , Perak MB wasn't featured anywhere. but in the end PAS not only trounced umno in kelantan but captured kedah , become coalition partner in selangor and to everybody's surprise had the added bonus of helming perak which is a surrealistic outcome by any standard.

when i came back to kl some friends asked me why kelantan people spurned umno in such a drastic manner. many in the know already predicted that kelantan would be retained by PAS but not too many people would expect umno to suffer such a beating or that umno MB designate awang adek to loose both parliamantary and state seats he contested and anwar musa the umno head honco in kelantan for so many years unceremoniusly kicked out and just about everyone else in umno got the mauling by PAS.

i'm no political pundit, and these people will point out to so so many reasons for the beatings suffered by umno in kelantan. from the manifesto to internal umno bickering (as usual), candidates perceived to be corrupt or morally suspect, ostentatious and cocky candidates parading their wealth and riches and and cigar chomping in the case of awang adek. one favorite PAS campaingn strategy was to potray awang adek as a man living in luxurious style and smoke 3 havana cigars a day at rm200 a piece. and the list goes on. but one other thing is clear. just about everybody feel pissed off and insulted by that little snooty boy khairy jamaluddin coming to kelantan and trying to teach us what to do. in any umno posts you would see young men that looked like dance club bouncers wearing black body hugging t-shirts with a logo of white number 18 in a red circle with a slash and the word pade doh (enough is enough) and this is as far as you can get to contrast with the humble looking tok guru. the strategy looked good. 18 years of PAS rule is enough but nobody wants to see tok guru gets insulted by this cocky khairy and kicked around by his pemuda umno.well, khairy is a beaten man now. this guy will not be welcome in kelantan and it would be a political suicide if umno still suck up to him.

talking about khairy for some reason makes me think of the expression 'mangkuk hayun' which i don't understand exactly what it really means but probably that's what the surviving umno people think of him now. what a mangkuk hayun that guy is. and incidentally i like mangkuk, the antique variety. in fact any pottery and antique ceramics especially celadons which i haven't touch in my blog at all. so i'll leave with a picture of one beautiful swankhalok bowl /dish and a kendi from Museum Seni Asia, University Malaya which has one of the best collection of kendis in the world perhaps almost nobody realize. which is a shame.

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