Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Sufiah, is it really you?

Read the most startling news today. picked it from rocky's bru blog. Sufiah the math's prodigy and child genius who went to oxford when she was 13 years old is now a prostitute! a hooker! a 130 pounds an hour hooker to be exact. the original news was taken from UK's news of the world which isn't exactly a very respectable newspaper and generally viewed as gutter press so unless this news item is corroborated by more respectable papers i'm willing to suspend my belief for a while.

but all the same my first reaction is this. wow! i wish i could book a flight and go bonk a certified genius for once in my life! but that was only a fleeting feeling which came from the evil part of me i'm sure . it was quickly replaced with the more boring but ethical part of me which is to feel immense sadness and the question why?

and the story doesn't feel quite right. the photo in the news did resemble her it's true but at least one person in rocky's comment who claimed to know her mentioned that not a while back she was seen to lead a normal muslim life and it's quite hard to believe that she spiralled into this kind of life in such a short time. but it's not unconceivable that this kind of things can happen. stranger things happens all the time.

Her sad life reminds me of one of my favorite songs roxanne by the police from the late seventies. and if you happen to know and love this song too you'll no doubt know that this song is about a prostitute, roxanne. And Bless wikipedia, it's so easy to check out anything this days and according to wiki

Police lead singer Sting wrote the song, inspired by the prostitutes he saw near the band's seedy hotel while in Paris, France in October 1977 to perform at the Nashville Club. The title of the song comes from the name of the character in the play Cyrano de Bergerac, an old poster of which was hanging in the hotel foyer.

oh, what a day. today too, there's an interesting 'first person' article by one 70 year old hooker addict who used to be a successful and respected family man that appeared in the guardian which you can read here. it's an equally sad and morbid story which is quite a nice justaposition to the sufiah's story.

and while we are on the subject here's a famous painting by vermeer titled the procuress


The Police

You don't have to put on the red light
Those days are over
You don't have to sell your body to the night

You don't have to wear that dress tonight
Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

You don't have to put on the red light

I loved you since I knew you
I wouldn't talk down to you
I have to tell you just how I feel
I won't share you with another boy
I know my mind is made up
So put away your make up
Told you once I won't tell you again
It's a bad way

You don't have to put on the red light
You don't have to put on the red light

ok gb. i so am worried about you now!
eh ms d, can't understand why !?

by the way i was accosted twice last night (on beijing street).First near new holiday inn lido -on my way to tom's dvd (where i bought 7 dvd berlin alexanderplatz -pirated version)-by this guy trying to sell me porn dvds which he hid in his overcoat pocket...

and then just outside jianguo hotel on my way to dinner this lady asked if i want 'massa-g'..or sex? vely young girl...

and both times i declined...
so i'm ok if that's what you're concerned about...
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