Sunday, June 22, 2008


gimpel the fool

I am Gimpel the fool. I don't think myself a fool. On the contrary. But that's what folks call me. They gave me the name while I was still in school. I had seven names in all: imbecile, donkey, flax-head, dope, flump, ninny, and fool. The last name stuck. What did my foolishness consist of? I was easy to take in.

That is how isaac bashevis singer's famous short story Gimpel the fool begins. i don't remotely resemble gimpel in anyway but i very much get affected by this story when i was quite young- in my late teen age years - and this story ( and nikolai gogol's 'the overcoat') is one of the reasons why i get hooked on reading for pleasure (and along the way perhaps learn a thing or two about human nature). both stories are not dissimilar in the sense that both are darkly funny but shows how unfair life can be.

I was easy to take in. isn't that our human problem in a crux. easily fooled. and it gets us into all sorts of problems and unhappiness.

Why? One of the you-won-a-million sms scams got you? Rox
no la rox.
the moment i read "you've won..." or when i see USD1,000,000 written anywhere i delete them straight away but occasionally i do get some kick reading some of these scams that crammed my inbox everyday. they can be quite funny and imaginative.

and i sometime reply to the more imaginative ones and my default reply is "fuck-off". and i never get a reply back. I wonder why.
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