Monday, June 09, 2008


rodox pt-2: no country for young babies

oh dear. what a time we live in. i've just been jabbering nonsense about some big guys screwing other big guys and singapore screwing malaysia...and what do you know. now we have been - to put it in a stark manner- fucked in the ass by abdullah badawi, arguably the worst ever pm malaysia has the misfortune to have. but as in other things in life we get what we deserve. and i think having an intellectually mediocre , boring and lacklustre pm is just about right for malaysia. we are a nation of intellectually mediocre, boring and lack lustre people.

i've stopped watching malaysian tvs and reading our local papers for fear of getting high blood pressure. whenever there are any big decisions this huge petrol price hike recently the spin doctors work in overdrive giving us such asinine tripes to make the poor fuckers in the villages feel good that these (spins) almost become funny. my feeling is, in our dear country, the government can do anything and we'll swallow everything meekly for we are a very docile people. which is perhaps a very good thing. we rather run away than fight. it is always better to sleep it off rather than getting excited over things we have no control of right? may be we should trust our government that they are doing the best for the country. afterall singapore's petrol cost is a lot higher than us wohoo!... when it comes to petrol price we fuck singapore in the ass don't we?

that reminds me, i have just finished reading a good travel book in siberia by colin thubron. this is an excellent book and a good introduction to anyone fascinated with the stark and lonely beauty of siberia. but the description gets madder and madder as he travelled from west to east and by the end of the book you'll get to know about the two million or so prisoners (criminal and political) that perished during stalin days. well, aren't we better off then them! so why are we complaining? there was an old pensioner who had 6000 roubles in her saving and that used to be enough to buy a car but now that only gets a couple of loaves of bread. so why are we complaining about our measely 5% inflation rate?. (and we do believe our dear government figures of course). if only our spin doctors have read this travel book perhaps they may point out that we are a lot better off than russia (and so many other countries). that will make all the rubber tappers feel so mightily happy and will continue to vote for umno for ever and ever...

but for me, i have this nagging feeling that now is not quite the right time to bring babies into this world. (more excuse to fuck for pleasure!). to paraphrase that famous book and great movie (no country for old men) this is no country for young babies.....


updates. 16 06 08

well, whaddaya know... some people seems to have balls after all. yes, to quote monty python's life of brian... these people have ...spirit, bravado, derring do...

some people don't like to take things lying down... and i salute these people. on 13th June 2008, there was a sizable demo to protest the petrol price hike. led by the good people of PAS and PKR... starting from Masjid Kg Baru (after Friday prayer) and onward to Jln Tuku Ab Rahman and to Jalan Raja Laut. A short sit-in at the junction opposite Sogo where they had more slogan shouting and a few short speeches by the like of PAS Vice President Mat Sabu and PKR youth chief... and then marched on (and more slogan shouting) to PAS hq at Jalan TAR ....this is historic for one particular reason. there was no water canon blast, the procession was allowed to go ahead effort by police to stop the march...this is a very good thing and quite can see some of the videos that i took (very clunky digital cam vid) here and here and some pics below...

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