Saturday, August 16, 2008


if i lied, strike me dead!

so finally saiful bukhari sworn on the Qur'an that anwar ibrahim "put his penis in my ass hole...and may Allah curse and punish me till doom's day if i lied" which you can read here and watch the video here. this is historic and may mark the beginning of anwar's final disgrace and downfall or equally possible the start of the end of UMNO and bn.

for muslims, swearing on the Qur'an especially in a formal and public setting such as this is taken very seriously although i must say that i know of at least one randy goat friend of mine who used to routinely swear "demi Allah etc.... " when his domineering wife shouts that he's been screwing whores again...but his wife is astute enough not to take his swearing seriously and usually take the ultimate and very sensible lie detector test by sniffing his underwear.

although we can not fully discount that saiful was lying through his teeth and couldn't give a rat's ass about the severity of his action or he was compelled to swear under duress , personally i think that he had spoken the truth. he looked so innocent and at ease and not like a person with a threat that c4 bomb will be shoved up his rectum next if he didn't swear on the Quran. but there is no end to human treachery. anthony burgess wrote at one point in his memoir little wilson and big god that duplicity comes naturally to women and i guess may also be second nature to people like saiful so he could be lying , but as i say...

and i bought some nice fresh peach last night in front of my hotel here in beijing and for some reason this variety that looks like a malformed redblood corpuscle reminds me very much of saiful...took me about a few minutes to make a connection. it actually looked somewhat like a short tailed monkey's ass when she is in heat...and that was probably how saiful's anus looked like after been sodomised repeatedly by anwar...sordid!

but does all this matter.? yes a lot because if he's telling the truth than the whole of malaysia has been taken for a ride by anwar. i personally am NOT a fan of Anwar but as i said many times before i couldn't care less if he were a homosexual or like to have sex with animals . and it is much better to have a gay PM than someone who is possibly a murderer.

haha i will never be able to look at a peach in the same way!
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