Saturday, September 27, 2008


al goldstein for president

should i talk about the US presidency? do i have the right to? i fucking well have. since the US is so intent in running the whole bloody world over, all of us have a stake and interest in whatever is happening in the US and we are all affected by who the US president is. i really wish the US make it a law that all the world population should be eligible to vote for american presidency.

we all know that the main candidates are mcCain and obama and come this november either of them would almost certainly (barring any unfortunate mishaps like mcCain kicking the bucket before november or osama get shot by some crazy racist) be the next president of the world , er...i mean the US of A. but do you know that there are other candidates to choose from?

but first let me say my thoughts about these two main candidates and why i will not vote for any of them (given a chance). when obama clinched the democratic party nomination the first thing he did and which offended me greatly was this. the fucker went and suck jewish lobby dicks! i watched his speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on the CNN with horror, here is a guy doing his damndenest to lick jewish boots and gabbing about how evil iran is, and jerusalem will be the eternal undivided capital of israel. now, i as a muslim like all muslims consider jerusalem- where the dome of rock (as Sakhra) is- is the third holiest city of Islam (after Mecca and medina) and this single statement from this half black half white pretender to the US presidency makes him my mortal enemy.

now don't get me wrong. i'm no racist. if i see a group of blacks fighting a group of whites i would probably root for the blacks and i have absolutely nothing against jews per se. some of my most admired writers (eg isaac bashevis singer) filmakers (eg coen brothers) or painters (eg arshile gorky) are jews. although i intensely hate the current jewish vice president dick chenney that idiot who shot his friend while on a hunting trip my choice for presidency is in fact a jew! (more of that below).

obama can yak and gab about the need for change and all that but i couldn't give a fuck because i know he will be sucking dicks just like the rest . it would be just talk. and so we have this mcCain guy as an alternative. firstly he is very proud that he is a vietnam war vateran and had not wilted under the terrible prison life in vietnam. he showed heroic courage and proved that he is a man of substance. but here's the thing. for me, i am on the vietnam side! so he was my enemy! i was against american inteference in vietnam before and am against any american inteference in the world today. and he is a warmonger. he was a key architecht of 'the surge' in iraq and if he wins there will be more killings and slaughter in iraq and afghanistan.

you see, the US is just a bully. they will prance and kick sands into small people of the world but have no balls to gamble anything when it comes to the big boys. russia can piss on their heads as they are currently doing in georgia and china can too. and as such i dearly wish the world has a more balanced super powers to keep the US in place. so in short mcCain the warmonger is another big NO for me. so who's left?

al goldstein of course!

i only came to know about al goldstein 'candidacy' very recently. a couple of weeks back i discovered another good pirate selling all these 'arthouse movies' imported from china. those same exact DVDs that I usually buy at tom dvd at Lido in Beijing. there are all these european films like the great volker schlondorff's adaptation of the gunther grass' novel 'the tin drum' etc. and i was flipping the dvds in the documentary section and picked several volumes of the excellent BBC art series the private life of a masterpiece when i saw a copy of PORN KING. with a title like that who could resist and i was not dissapointed. this is a very hilarious documentary of al goldstein the famous publisher of SCREW the worst smut magazine in the world. but it turned out al goldstein is a vary fascinating personality.

here is a man who defends free speech to it's absolute limit and have led a very colourful and tumultuos roller coaster life with ups and downs that is more than could ever be experienced in ten lifetimes of an average person. he has written an autobiography I, Goldstein: My Screwed Life which is very favorably and entertainingly reviewed by his ex director of the SCREW magazine that now works at NYT which you can read here. who says pornographers are not intelligent people eh?

and that is not all, he now has his own blog. and what a blog it is! his postings are laden with expletives and maniacal rantings . compared to him our local badmouth blogger the malay male looks like a pussycat. in his latest posting dated august 21 under the title "Any old jew cunts out there?" his first sentence was this; I have eaten 7000 pussies in my with a sentence like that it goes without saying that this guy is a somebody and he WAS a somebody before and is trying to be a somebody again by offering himself to become the president of the united states!

and he certainly has a very good platform. to start with he is all for free speech. and he is against all wars..who could argue with that eh? and he was spot on about hilary clinton. in his youtube posting he said this about hilary...i would rather suck bill clinton's cock...and on bush bush is our president, he's a retard who is killing americans in the middle east, i hate him...and bearing in mind that he's a jew and jews are eternal victims of racism, he is realistic and has a sensible thing to say about racism...humans should be allowed to hate anyone they want... and on iraq....america must stop being so militaristic and stop trying to settle everything with a can see all for yourself here.

he seems to have some remarkably good points. admittedly he is the ultimate lowlife but that should not be held against him. afterall i really think that a scumbag is exactly the right kind of person to be the next president of the united states.

where is your dvd supplier please? i managed to buy vol 1-4 of PLoaM just the other day. a wiki search later revealed that there are 7 volumes in all.maybe with your help i can complete my collection. appreciate it if you could email me, mr greenbottle.
thank you in anticipation.

will let you know when i come back to office after raya. but from where i am now, i can't access your blog and e-mail.

let me know your e-mail and i'll e-mail you these good pirates' places.
this is not a comment, this is the only way i know to get my email addy to you, greenbottle. it is
Thank you so much.

now you go and have a nice safe hari raya now, you hear.
i will wait patiently for the info till then.:) Selamat Hari Raya to you and family, mr greenbottle.

p.s. i am a little slow. i just noticed the palindromic nature of your 'tagline'. :)
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