Tuesday, September 09, 2008


a bald patch

ohmigod! (as paris hilton would say - i read that somewhere) i had a nasty dream last night! i dreamt my head went bald! eeeek!(as young silly girls would scream) , bald right in the middle of my head, as smooth as an egg but all around this bald patch my hair was still normal, jet black and not a single hair missing.

just before this i had a 'normal dream'. i was driving with a naked girl in the seat beside me. she is underage(ohmigod!- as paris hilton would say) and we were going somewhere to make love but the car stopped at a redlight and ohmigod! an old friend that i've not seen for years came over and opened the door and entered the car! what a downer!

i told my worse half about the dream- the one about the bald patch only, naturally- and she remarked that it meant i'm going to lose something. that's a rather unimaginative and obvious literal interpretation don't you think? i said, while inwardly felt slightly disturbed. i'm not superstitious by nature but one never know about these kind of things. in our culture, if you dream losing one of your teeth for example means one of your loved one is going to die. i've lost count dreaming of losing my teeth and so far none of my loved ones have passed away on account of this.

it's all subconscious and all that i know. it's all metaphysical innit? (as one of my old friends used to say) when he can't explain anything rationally. and so i tried to rationalize why i had this disturbing dream (not the one with the naked underaged girl - althought rationally this should be the one which should be considered disturbing). and i think i know why.

last night i was looking for my old 'life of brian' dvd but couldn't find it. and when i can not find my favorite movies , my solution this days is simple. just download it from ARES , a P2P software. and in one minor but funny episode of this great movie there was this old man among the rabble following brian , whom they thought was the messaih and shouting i'm healed! i'm healed...of my bald patch!

that's one explanation. another association could be this. yesterday i was reading bibliobibuli post (sept 7) about that book jewel of medina again and i kept thinking. this is amazing. how people can be so insensitive. i have a friend who is completely bald. not a single hair on his head now. smooth as a baby's ass and we are always careful not to talk about hairs when he's around. and that's just about a friend and on things which we should not worry too much about. even then we are extra sensitive so as not to hurt his feelings.

and here is a seemingly educated woman abusing Islam! completely ignorant of how muslims view how abhorent it is to put words in the prophet's mouth and writing fictional stuff about the prophet and his family. and i made my points known in the comments to bibliobibuli's posts on this issue . the first one i purposely made it very rude (in fear and censorship post 14 aug) and as expected and which proves my point, there was a deluge of comments from other commentators who got all riled up and offended by my comments (and seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are proving my point of having to be careful with people's sentivities especially when it comes to Islam).

bibliobibuli had another post on the same book more jewel of medina kerfuffle (aug 30) and i made a polite comment to explain why good muslims are offended and there was not even one comment responding to mine this time. which i hope to mean that non-muslims and wog-muslims bibliobibuli readers now come to understand a bit why we are offended. (it could also mean they have stopped bothering to argue with me, which suits me fine as well). and this latest post by bibliobibuli 7 Sept re-emphasize the need to be sensitive to other people's feelings but this time there was no comments save one that bibliobibuli deleted. (most likely one of those spams). i can't help admire this bibliobibuli lady.

about this bald friend. as i say we are careful enough not to talk about hairs with him but we can sure talk about bald twats. we all think that is sublime. we are the bald brigade when it comes to that as opposed to many others who are hairy brigade. and that's another thing i was thinking about yesterday. there was another sept 7 post on bibliobibuli (nicely titled twit for twat) about a catergory 2 typhoon brewing in the UK about the banning of the word twat in children books.(hmmm talk about freedom of expression). we used to joke about this word. if you're on a TWA airlines( is this still around?) don't forget to ask the airstewardess for a TWA tea(TWAT).

and the last association (to my bald patch dream) was this joke that i recalled in this train of thoughts . it's about a bald parrot. there was a priest who kept a big african grey parrot as a pet. this parrot can speak and do all kinds of interesting tricks but one bad habit of this bird is that he likes to screw chicken. everyday when the priest comes back from his church he would find another chicken half dead , raped by the parrot. after this has been going on for sometimes the patient priest just had enough and warned the parrot. one more time of this and i'm going to shave your head bald. but the next day coming back from church there is another chicken half dead ravished by the parrot. the priest threw his hands in the air and said that's it. he shaved the bird's head as he threatened and said. i'm going to bring you to church tomorrow. no more screwing of chicken for you. and so, the next day the priest put the now bald headed parrot on a perch inside the church. and the parrot perched there watching the goings on. he noticed that everytime people come to the church the priest politely ushered them to the pews. if a lady comes, he ushers to one side, and if a man comes he ushers to another side. this went on for sometimes until finally one bald man entered the church. before the priest could say anything the bald headed parrot squawked, oh you ! come sit beside me. we're in the chicken fucker's group.

not exactly booker material but there you are. after all these (ri)bald associations no wonder i dreamt of having a bald patch last night.

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