Sunday, October 05, 2008


men and women

whooooo..just came back from the end of ramadhan muslim festival of eid ul fitri holiday in my home town kota bharu... and for the non muslims among you (and wog muslims who should know better) eid ul fitri (fitr) basically means the celebration of the" fitrah " which means we are now back to our natural state (fitrah) again (after fasting in the month of ramadhan) . and for all intents and purposes for an average person this means we can start behaving like animals again...eating and screwing (with legally wedded wife/wives) in the day time -that sort of things .

and what a long tiring drive it was. it took me about two hours to crawl from kb to ketereh a mere 15km or so away (and i had about 450 km more to go)... i mean this is really ridiculous. we're not in fucking new york. in fact kb is probably more like a small town in papua new guinea and ketereh , well ketereh is just a couple of shops selling budu and stuff . but you can't go anywhere in kelantan during eid ul fitri celebration because everyone is on the road going and visiting their friends and relatives...and these days almost everybody goes by car. you hardly see any motor bikes. it could be that most of these motorcyclists are probably dead from being hit by cars or they are all getting more affluent and everybody owns at least a kancil.

driving in malaysia is a very trying exercise even at normal times and it is especially so during festival times when everybody goes back to villages and come back to the cities at the same time. it is no fun being bottle necked at the tail end of a long string of cars on a two way trunk road and you had to negotiate your way carefully trying to overtake these cars one by one and what do you see at the end of the line? a woman driver roadhogging at 40kph oblivious to the massive traffic jam that she caused. and after you overtake her you'll find the road in front is empty and you can drive for another fifeteen minutes or so until you come up to another string of cars and this keep on repeating the whole of your 500 km trip. it wasn't fun at all.

i know and everybody agrees that the stupidest and the most retarded driver is the one just in front of you but woman drivers! taking everything into account they are the worst...i think women should be banned from driving... which reminds me about this highly enlightening youtube video about a woman driver. i think this little clip encapsulates everything about the nature of our worse half "the woman" more than any learned philosophical tracts can do.

but hey don't get me wrong. i love women (way too much i fact ) in spite of all these shall we say idiocyncracies or perhaps i love them for this very reason. i love women so much that i can't think of nothing esle but women ( and money and all other good stuff...) which brings me to another youtube clip which encapsulates everything about the nature of the better half meaning us "men" more than any learned philosophical tracts can do. so in a nut shell women are somewhat er...daft and men are bad and sex mad. there isn't any better combination for men and women to be eternal uneasy partners and one unfortunately often being exploited by the other. it is simply a biological fact of life.

but hey don't get me wrong. women can be stupid but the stupidest are often my fellow men. which reminds me, today i bought a huge coffee table book the complete cartoons of the new yorker. this book comes with two CDs with all 68,674 cartoons ever published in the magazine (up to 2004). i love the new yorker maagazine and although i do not "get" many of the cartoons because in many cases i am ignorant of the context and background of them some of these cartoons are really funny. funny not so much in the sense of jim carey slapstick kind of humor but more subtle and ironic like say coen brothers kind of funny. or at least that's how i see them. and one of the cartoons that captures the nature of "men" very well is this one that shows two wrestlers one of whom is huge in the ring with their managers and in the caption one of the managers (of the thinner man) says "my man don't wrestle till we hear it talk"

i thought that was quite funny and encapsulates something about the nature of the better half meaning us "men" more than any learned philosophical tracts can do.

and lastly i wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI MAAF ZAHIR BATIN to muslim visitors that visit here.

I got the brick of a book - with CDs and all - for just under 14 euros in a January clearance at my favourite German bookstore. The cheapest book I ever bought - weightwise!

The book, I was told, was snapped up by only non-Germans ... confirming that the Germans, who otherwise can never resist a good bargain, don't have a sense of humour.
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