Tuesday, October 14, 2008


two good questions

i had two very interesting and explosive questions from two persons yesterday. one came via an sms message from a lady. another from a man; face to face.
the lady's sms is this, verbatim: Do you agree polygamy halts sex work? Ths was suggested at my work. Wud ths man want to marry my chow kit sex workers?

the other came from one of my randy goat friends. he has been spending a lot of money travelling to chang ping china bonking karaoke girls there. apparently changping is THE place now for people in the know. i've been all over china (but NOT for bonking, mind you) but never heard about this place until recently from this goat friend of mine. everytime he goes for his naughty trip i always ask him to bring back a report, preferably with video clips as well. he never fail to give very amorous report with all the details but unfortunately never substantiated with video clips. (are you mad? you want me to get into trouble with my wife? he would say). but his last trip recently made him very worried. the first thing he did after coming back from this trip was to barge into my room and confessed to a disturbing thing.to cut the story short, he shot blood . we discussed this at length and concluded : too much sex probably.

and yesterday he came to see me again and told me this "issue" still persists - and it has been several weeks since he came back from the trip . and asked if i've ever had such a problem. i of course said fuck no! and i tried to calm him down as best as i can and asked him to see a urologist (and report back to me). when i came back from office yesterday i related this to a person that i call " that woman" behind her back and she immediately diagnosed it. your friend has a cancer of the dick. hmmm...i always know women can be very cruel.

my friend's er ...issue is what we can term as an acute problem but the question from the lady above is more chronic in nature ( to put it in toxicological term) and is much more complex philosophically speaking. here's the question again (ah, the magic of cut and paste!!! to think that some idiots pretentiously say they prefer writing with pen- why don't they go further back and say they prefer hacking heiroglyphics with chisels?... pretentious lot these people are...but that's for another time)... :Do you agree polygamy halts sex work? Ths was suggested at my work. Wud ths man want to marry my chow kit sex workers?

the answer to many men is very obvious. (NO to part one and may be to part two of the question. ). women are incredible. even some of the brightest ones are clueless when it comes to major things in life. like sex. little wonder that they have been exploited so by (bad) men.

but i thought i want to expand further my answer to do justice to such a seemingly simple but deeply complex question and for this i thought of looking for answers in my sex bible the kamasutra of vatsyayana. i thought i read something about how men can win over girls and even wives of your enemies there and that sort of things which can answer the question above but i just couldn't find the much thumbed book anywhere!.

the problem is, if i've absent mindedly put back into my library it would be almost as good as gone. simply because i'm very sloppy and don't stack my books in any systematic order and now that my collection has slowly come to a critical mass for a personal library ( coming to 2000 + books) it's quite difficult to find any specific one in a hurry. i actually keep the kamasutra in my what they call here "the workstation" but it's not there. this is easy to confirm because i only keep THREE "non technical" books" in my office. everyday i religiously flip through these while waiting for my lap top to boot up or when downloding some lengthy pdfs. these are the said kamasutra that i bought from a sorry looking indian book peddlar on the sidewalk in culcutta several years ago. the other is "party jokes: a collection of the wildest, most hilarious and often tasteless jokes for adults". this little treasure was left to me by one aussie expat and the third is: "The world's Religions" by Huston Smith. this book came via my other randy goat turned deeply religious friend who thought this book "too technical and dry" who in turn got it from his american gay collegue who also thought the book too dry. not true. the book is very good. one book on sex, another on religions and the next making fun of both. i think i have a nice trinity of books that unite everything there.

as to the kamasutra all is not lost. thanks to the magic of internet i just found out that they have an e-copy which may or may not be the version that i have in the hard copy but that you can read here.

I saw a copy of the 'kamasutra' at silverfish bookstore last saturday.Too bad there are no illustrations hehe just joking.
Writing with pen is definitely pretentious but I'm not so sure about hacking hieroglyphics with chisels ... somehow, I picture it as somewhat romantic. I chisel here, you chisel there and we both sing as we chisel away. Bollywood stuff. Shows I still can be saved, no? STOP me please. Sigh.
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