Friday, October 10, 2008


what now khairy??

i am currently reading a readable and gossipy book Peggy Guggenheim: The Life of an Art Addict by Anton Gill which is quite a nice complement to my other read(as yet unfinished) The Autobiograpy of Alice B Toklas by Getrude Stein. Both books are of course about two of the very well known women (and both Jews) who loved art inordinately and lived very interesting lives in Paris in early 20th century and managed to get their lives intertwined with some of the most iconic artists the world has ever known.

but that's not what i want to talk about. except that a couple of small points i gather from this book on guggenheim gets me thinking a little bit (not much- for i hate thinking). and it's this. peggy guggenheim was the daughter of benjamin guggenheim of the famous (and obscenely rich) guggenheim name. her dad was the least successful compared to his other more famous brothers and was quite a rake living the high life in paris and leaving the wife back in the USA. but he did one heroic last act. on the last trip back to America he was one of the passengers (un)fortunate enough to get a passage on the Titanic . when it went down he had the right to get into the lifeboat as one of the first class passengers but what he did was admirable. he refused to do so but went in to his cabin , dressed up in evening suit and statred helping ladies to get into these boats instead. and he went down with the titanic among the other thousands unfortunate souls. his body was never recovered. and the second little point. peggy guggenheim did not have to work for money as her trust fund was enough to get her living comfortably and like many rich people in those days she lived her life as an 'idle rich' and did her own things.

and that brings me to khairy. now that the father in law is just about to be kicked into malaysian political history what now for the famous SIL? he is a millionaire several hundred times over. so money is not an issue. he is so obscenely handsome and if he so cares, he can have his way with half of malaysia if that's his thing. so, money and sex are not the issue. but here's the thing. this guy is absolutely power mad. not a bad thing in itself. but he has commited a cardinal error. he used his position in the eyes of many to meddle in malaysian politics in a very questionable way (and in the eyes of many obtained his riches along the way). in the eyes of many he has done the unpardonable thing. he is an opportunist that uses his position to profit for self interest. in the eyes of many he has manipulated his weak FIL to get where he is now. power hungry politicians using their positions and manipulating their ways for advancement is nothing strange but this guy has stated publicly that he wants to be the prime minister of malaysia. not a bad ambition at all but from his behavior and track record i fear for my country if this guy ever become the PM.

he may be a bright young guy but there are many bright and able young politicians around . and much more idealistic than him. but don't look in asshole parties of PKR or umno. look in PAS. when dollah badawi annouced his decision not to defend his umno president post, the best advice anybody gives him comes from mahathir. he simply advised dollah to "shut up". brief succint and spot on. kadir jasin in his blog post on thursday 6 october had a clutch of advice to najib. which basically reprise what he should not do what dollah badawi did.

but so far i've not come accross any advice for khairy. and you can't depend on umno people to advise him. umno people are despicable in my eyes. these human garbage will follow any bastards that leave a trail of money around. that's a fact as you can clearly observe when there is any political or party election going on. and that's why i fear very much that this muhammad son of muhammad bastard is now offering himself to become a deputy PM. he has been caught dragging gunny sacks of cash into australia and there is no indication that he will not do worse in the future. imagine a worse case scenario with najib as the pm , muhammad muhammad as deputy and khairy as the umno youth leader...well..malaysia my friend will be trully fucked!

so my advise to khairy is this . be heroic like benjamin guggenheim, sacrifice yourself for the good of malaysia. enjoy your money like peggy guggenmheim , build an art museum or something. in short just "fuck off".

Hi Greenbottle,

I read and love your latest comment on Crankshaft. So complex and simple.
A friend of mine have the same advise, as yours, for KJ recently. Methinks he can change color faster than a chameleon. Unlike the hero in your finale, some said he left his FIL without a life jacket on board Titanic. w9
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